Rare! Very Rare! Ultra Rare! Actually, "as common as muck"!!



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    Steve - For the avoidance of any doubt, the listing you highlighted is compliant with our terms and conditions - there's no issue with this listing in that regard. With over 5 Million listings on HipStamp, you will often find similar stamps for different prices. Just because one seller may be selling a US # 1036a MNH Plate Block for 33¢, it does not mean if another seller is selling the same item for $1.99 it's an issue (with regards to our terms and conditions) - it is not.

    Of course as an individual buyer, if you don't want to buy from a particular seller, because you feel that some of their listings are priced too high - that's of course entirely up to you. That being said, many buyers do purchase from this seller, and they have a 100% positive feedback rating with us, with no negative feedback.

    If this item, and many like it from this seller, were listed at $49, etc. - that would be a different story. However, as noted previously, if an item is priced under a couple of dollars, it's generally not going to run into an issue with our terms and conditions with regards to pricing.
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    Do some of you people actually sell stamps? Seems to me you spend more time spying and complaining about others than trying to sell your own stuff. If you see something that looks wrong, report it to management and move on. You did your job. OCD can be very debilitating.

    I love it when I hear people protesting about a movie. Next thing you know, people are lined up to go see it, and it makes millions.

    In fact, I should be listing more stamps to sell myself, instead of constantly reading some of this drivel.
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    Actually I do sell stamps. I am a former stamp dealer and sold for a couple of decades. I'm not complaining I was responding to a thread suggesting and the ability to block sellers that post useless junk and make navigating this site much less than Optimum. I am also a former business owner and appreciated constructive comments from my customers. They are the very lifeblood of any business. Also, I was specifically asked by a post to cite specific examples. I also appreciate the chance to dialogue with the administrator and welcome Mark's clarification. If you don't have anything constructive to add, i suggest you don't. The item cited clearly was "several times the retail value" (from terms and conditions), as are a great many from this seller. Informing buyers of this is helpful information.

    Furthermore, I purchase $100s from this site every month. Every other seller I've dealt with has been outstanding. I appreciate this site, and don't want to see it overrun with worthless junk.
  • Steve - no one is arguing the point that some items are overpriced. In the example you gave there are 2 other 1036 plate blocks that are priced higher than the one you showed and a few at 15 cents. (1036 is the correct number - 1036A is a booklet pane). So he does not have the highest price for that item on this site.

    Now here is one for you - I have a 1036 plate # single listed at 25 cents. Another dealer has one with better centering (electronically measured) listed at $117. Same stamp - better centering.

    Scott's put out a "valuing guide" in 2008 dealing with graded stamps - a common Scott #704 (20 cent catalog value - MNH) showed a value in superb of $250 MNH and $35 used.

    Pricing is subjective - when I was doing shows back in the 80's I used to save up all the XF low value stuff (at that point in time the postwar 3 cent issues) and sell them to a NYC dealer at $1 apiece. He was happy to get them - I was happy to sell them at an ungodly markup.

  • Stamp pricing is very subjective as you have a variety of buyers and sellers. The final price usually comes down to supply, demand, and condition. I believe the worse offense here are the descriptions used. I am not a fan of using multiple exclamations to describe condition. But I will cut the seller some slack, he's been retired and doing this since 1960 and offers many museum artifacts. Carol the buyer of your good condition material was likely selling them for much more but it's nice to see when everyone comes out happy.
  • He told me he was getting between 5 and 10 dollars per 3 cent stamp from his customers. I sold a lot of material to dealers whose customers wanted the best and were willing to pay for it. They had the customers - I didn't. It worked out well - still does when I stumble across some better material buried amongst the "stuff" around here.
  • This all great stuff. The Hipstamp Proletariat is working a treat to keep the hipstamp street neat :smiley:
  • I used to own a Q5 with a Hoboken cancel on it. The word Hobo was the only part of the cancel that was visible. It also happened to land on the top of the train.
    Nothing rare about any of it.
    Even the Hobo on the train. Try to find another one though.
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