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It's a solemn day, forgive me if I try to lighten the mood some...

I've just looked at the current offerings at the USPS philatelic site. Is it just me or have our stamps become hideous? Many of us have complained for years, but the current crop is outstandingly bad.

Have you seen the tap dance set? They have no meaning, nothing remarkable at all. USPS could have given us still shots of tap dancing in classic movies, but that would have cost money. Instead we see anonymous dancers with pastel backdrops and "TAP! TAP!" Hideous.

The Hot Wheels set is still on sale. I think a well executed Hot Wheels set would have been great, perhaps handsome photos of some of the original Red Liners, but no. Money again.

Those dinosaur stamps. Why? Have we just run out of worthy Americans?

There are some great stamps, too. Ursula K. le Guin, Henry James, Missouri, and Alabama. But then there are stamps for every holiday and special occasion except National Super Crunchy Peanut Butter Day.

And that $10 stamp. I'll grant that high denomination stamps should be distinctive, and this one certainly is. When I look at it I think "Wow! That is one butt-ugly stamp." And could we have a decent series of definitive stamps again, PLEASE?

And don't get me started about how we can never get all the sticky stuff off a used stamp. Norway can do it. Germany does it. France, Finland, others can do it. What seems to be your malfunction, USPS? I guess it's a good thing so many of your stamps aren't worth saving....

Thank you all for your time and patience. I just wanted to complain to folks like you, who know what I'm talking about...


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  • Thank you Phil!!!!! I thought it was only me. When you compare current stamps with the stamps from the 40's and 50's, it makes you cry. Not only subject matter, but execution has gone the way of every extinct animal. Of course, the question of the day is whether or not the USPS thinks the 20th anniversary of 9-11 is important. Obviously not, but we get a "Day of the Dead" stamp - REALLY?
  • There are just wwwwwaaaayyyy too many stamps issued. And they are reflective of how identity politics is manifest; an attempt to placate every special interest group that wants to feel "empowered". In some instances, it IS a good idea, but it has gone way too far, becoming a trope rather than a legitimate force for social change.

  • The buffoonery of it all is breath taking. That is why I stopped throwing good money away after 2001 on US material. Occasionally a good design, but that is a minority of issues.
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    Message Monsters? Really? Have you seen this? Message Monsters? Western Wear? Backyard Games? These are real stamps, folks. Spooky Silhouettes? I have died and gone to
    crazyland. So much of the USPS output seems designed for grandmothers and four year olds.
  • SOMEONE actually considered this a really good idea.... 481304-Z0
  • Arrrgh! Garg. He went and did it. Oh, mine eyes are defiled!
  • What happens when the patients run the asylum.....duh.
  • I'd rather have a Czechoslovakia CTO souvenir sheet than most of the stuff they put out nowadays.
  • Yeah, but the 3D Dinosaur sheet was pretty awesome... Right?
  • Transcontinental Railroad Issue was cool too. And I actually like the current Sun set. There are few hits....more misses than not though.
  • I'm liking The Day Of The Dead Stamps. Can't wait for them to come out.

    But I agree, stamps used to teach us History. At least something was learned about the subject of the stamps. I guess that went away when the true engravers went by the wayside and computer printing took over.
  • No, it went away when we started to be embarrassed by our history, instead of being the dynamic world leaders we once were... Now it's better to focus on the superfluous rather than being reminded of the blunders and the lack of leadership of the last 35 years...

    We should put Steven Covey on a stamp...
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    Again, I think it's a case of just too many stamps...
    In 2015, 58 commemorative stamps were issued. 80 in 2016, 58 in 2017, 56 in 2018, 82 in 2019, 77 in 2020. And that doesn't include all the definitive issues, so of which have 4-8 stamps in the series.

    That's twice as many stamps as were issued in the 80's and four times the 50's.

    When you stress quantity over quality, quality is bound to suffer. There is a lesson in social media in there...
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    There is a good point in what Kris writes. There is absolutely no reason to have so many issues with 4 or 5 designs. The Tap Dance issue, for example, the Hip Hop issue. Lighthouses, ok, but many other issues could have been better served with one well designed stamp than with 4 bad designs.

  • Well Phil, if you were a tap dancer, you might like it :smile:
  • No stamp left behind !
  • Rene,

    I think Washington forgot what that means.
  • It would be nice to see a series on medal of honor winners, by conflict.
    The only stamp representing a CMH holder is Dr Mary Walker. If Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck warrant a stamp, I think those men and women certainly deserve commemoration, and not "collectively", but individually.
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    Ummm Scott....John Basilone (3963) is a MoH winner. I think there is an Alvin York stamp, too.
    Although, I'd like to see a Butch O'Hare stamp.

    Ah...Alvin York is 3395...Audie Murphy is 3396....both Medal of Honor winners
  • Yeah, but that's not my point, he's on the stamp, but no mention of winning the medal. I'm suggesting there is plenty of material available for a series that honors all the winners. Interestingly, Sgt. York and Audie Murphy both had movies made about their successes, and they lived to receive their medals.

    The first Medal of Honor was awarded to Army Pvt. Jacob Parrot, and five others, on March 25, 1863, for their service in the Civil War.
    To date, there have been 3,508 Medals of Honor awarded.
    Only seven Medals of Honor have been awarded since the Vietnam War, all posthumously – two for service in Somalia, one in Afghanistan and four in Iraq.
    The most recent Medal of Honor was given posthumously to Army Spc. Ross McGinnis in June for his service in Iraq.
    618 of the 3,508 recipients did not survive to receive the award (18%). Just do a philatelic series on those 618... how many years would that cover.
  • During the Civil War, some soldiers were awarded the MoH merely for re-enlisting.
  • Douglas MacArthur had a stamp, but again not for the Medal of Honor.
  • Dugout Doug probably shouldn't have gotten a Medal of Honor
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    Kris, I have my own concerns about MacArthur, but after the debacle of the Philippines, a tragedy of our government's fault, not his, the Defense of Bataan, and the trip out by PT boat, that Medal of Honor was more for the nation than for him. Those were dark hours, the bad news was constant. Indeed, he had already
    been nominated twice for the award
    in WW1. As well, he and FDR detested each other...
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    I'm not sure of the voracity of that assertion Kris... but in any case, if Congress deemed it worthy, that's good enough for me. Maybe that's what the nation needed in 1865...

    And ok, if you don't want to do all 3,500 of them, then at least honor the 19 that have received it more than once....
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    The international round stamp (camellia) looks kind of like the covid virus- or at least that is what many think of when they see it. all the postal employees call it the covid stamp. I think this was designed and printed before the Covid came to be so.. not the post offices fault.. I use the old Poinsettia as the post office still has them in stock but almost gone.. :-)Scan_20210915
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    Phil, I think you are correct about why Big Mac got the MoH. While it was probably more for American morale in general, it certainly inflated his ego.

    Scott, if you're going to question my veracity, you could at least spell it right. At first I thought you were accusing me of having a tensor cross product in my fluid flow:o)

    Have I just summoned the mighty Spellicans???
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    Speaking of verities (and some may say this is balderdash), I don’t think a Harry Chapin entry in the Music Icons series would be a bad idea.
  • Wow Ted, that one is for the initiated few. A very worthy human being of at least that and more.
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