Should be a fun night.....

I guess St. Nick decided to show up in H'Town early this year. InkedScreenshot 2021-09-13 204613_LI


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  • I always wonder every year how many collections are destroyed in natural disasters... Floods, fires, landslides. It must take a toll.
  • Actually does happen, quite a bit. I can't imagine how many nice collections in Florida, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast were destroyed during the big hurricanes. And around the world too. Not just collections but lives....not good. I try and keep my nice material in a water and fire proof gun safe (along with my guns of course). All I can do.
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    Yeah, I'm really certain of the same. Not to mention war zones. This is why this material becomes more scares the more time marches on. In the grand scheme of things, stamps haven't been around that long. Not yet even 200 years... I know the first issued "Pre-paid postage stamp" is the Penny Black at 1840, and you have some carriers and locals prior to that (Not sure where the earliest of those globally were done) but don't think it was anything earlier than 1820. And we can just see what the impacts of that time have been on our tiny pieces of paper. Stamps are like infants... need constant care and feeding.

    Good luck Greg. Find something heavy, and hang on...
  • Appreciate it Scott. I'm heavy enough. Just hope the old oak in the yard doesn't decide to drop an arm on the house. I don't think it will be that bad actually. Been through Ike and Harvey. Nick was just upgraded to hurricane status but a Cat 1 at landfall. All nasty buggers and this one looks like a baby by comparison. The grass needs the rain at least. ありがとう。 (I hope the translator worked right and I'm not cursing at you) :smiley:
  • Good luck, my friend. I've been through one hurricane, Rita in fact. I flew into town to take care of relatives. This was just after Catrina stomped New Orleans, and all of Houston left town. We dodged fate, but I didn't sleep for 3 days.
  • @Greg Doll Ganbatte ne!
    (And yeah, your translator worked good enough).
    Let us know how you fare.
  • We're good. Looks like the worst of it slid south and east of us. Bunch of limbs down and stuf blown around but not too bad. Looks like South Louisiana is getting a lot of rain they don't need.
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