List similar always changes Stamp Type to General Issue

For the life of me can you explain why would your programmers change the "Stamp Type" if I list a very similar item. Yesterday I wasted over two hours on this issue. I listed many US telegraph stamps and your program automatically classifies the stamp as a "General Issue" instead of "Back of the Book - Telegraph stamp". After listing over 25 items I noticed that they were still listed as general issues. I went back and changed them back to telegraph stamps. Today I look at them, and most of them are back to general issue. What is going on? If you search on telegraph stamp my listings do not show up. It appears to only happen on Back of the Book stamps. When I click on List Similar on an airmail stamp, the new form comes up as a airmail issue, but not on telegraph stamps. Very very very frustrating to say the least!


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  • Hi,

    We have sent you a message directly about this matter. Please feel free to respond with any questions you may have.

    Best Regards,
    Anj Barros
    Support | Hip eCommerce
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