EBAY SYNCING not working

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this is a total mess and is going to cause a lot of problems for me. What Gives? Two accounts 30+ items sold not syncing so now they are active on Ebay yet sold here. this is a very big deal. I am going to close my stores here to avoid corrupting the ebay accounts- no real choice on this it is a disaster for those that sell on ebay and sync. new inventory not being listed here in either store also. so now I have to hand cancel 30+ items on Ebay and hope they do nor sell there before i do this, re pay for October. reopen both stores.. all because some programmer has ruined the site here.


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    I'm going to close both store until you fix this- please advise when this train wreck is fixed? of course store fees were charged for the month of October already- so I am now facing double charges for October "if" i reactivate these stores. I assume not a chance of getting those funds refunded. when and if you fix this and when i reactivate the store subscriptions. Totally unprofessional. both stores are now closed.
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    so far at least one item sold here needs to be refunded HERE because of this problem as double sold both sites this morning. this makes the sellers here look bad- causes bogus fees and huge amounts of work.
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    I've had cross site sale problems too, however fortunately so far none double sold.

    One doesn't have to close ones store, just put it on "extended vacation" so nobody can see/buy anything until things are fixed up again.

    My store is on extended vacation until things are fixed.
  • Thanks for the advise on this Ron. "next time" I will remember that! :-) LOL
  • I have a banner on my page that says:

    Active Issue! We are currently experiencing an issue with our Ebay Sync feature, which is preventing items from syncing from/to ebay, and temporarily preventing Sellers from renewing their Ebay Sync tokens. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience.

    Don't you have that?
  • Yes I have that, it doesn't stop problems with buyers purchasing already sold stuff on ebay and vice versa though whilst the problem remains. (I don't think buyers can tell whether an item is native to Hipstamp or if it is synched when they are viewing or buying stuff).
  • That banner has been up for a couple of days now. Glad tech is so on top of things...
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    0h i have the banner- it has been up for days. that does not resolve anything. this morning I have 30+ items i had to close on ebay maually as sold here, one item to refund here as sold both places, and over 500 items not listed here as not uploaded from Ebay. the notice is nice but what good is it? it has been up for days.. I assume they don't know how to fix it? or don't care to fix it? otherwise, after this many days it would be fixed. for those of us that use the sync.. it is a disaster waiting to happen and could result in bad repercussions on Ebay. the sync option has been around for years. not brain surgery- simple programming. they can fix it or lose some sellers.. their call.
  • I did not notice the banner until Luree mentioned it.

    I did have the cross site not synched problem, I have always checked eBay to make sure they come off when they sell here. It has been very very good for a very long time. Hopefully they're able to figure out what is stopping it and get it set back up....
  • George, mouse agrees he just wishes pesky trap technology wouldn't evolve. Does anyone know how the synching problem actually occurred seemed to be working fine until the gremlins showed up.
  • The banner has been updated:
    eBay Sync Issue: Due to an external issue, outside of our control, the eBay Sync feature is currently disabled. The means that items and sales are not presently syncing over. Our team is actively working on a resolution, which we hope to implement in the next few days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • exactly Andrew :-)
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    This is NOT a good look. It really shows how much of a basement/garage operation hipstamp is compared to other platforms... only a small banner visible only in the members section of the website. What about:

    1. A formal post here in the forum concerning the issue, and more importantly

    2. An email to sellers proactively letting them know of the problem, extent of the impact, and expected resolution timeframe.

    Relying on sellers to come here and see the notice or not know there are problems until after sales need to be cancelled/refunded on this or other platforms is a sure sign that hipstamp management is either clueless or has taken the eBay corporate mindset of not giving a damn how service failures actually impact sellers.

    I've disabled sync and effectively shut my store not only until this problem is fixed, but more importantly hipstamp provides more detailed information on the exact technical issue involved and what their plan is to not allow this to happen again.

  • Why are you blaming Hip Stamp? The banner clearly states:

    eBay Sync Issue: Due to an external issue, outside of our control, the eBay Sync feature is currently disabled. The means that items and sales are not presently syncing over. Our team is actively working on a resolution, which we hope to implement in the next few days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    This situation is out of their control. Be happy they provided a banner on all stores for us. And why wouldn't you look at the Members Area every day?

    I'm just curious.
  • I've always double checked stuff selling on hipstamp to make sure it is gone from ebay. Normally it is a quick process and easy to check/verify for me.

    Because I have some "grandfathered" ebay multi-items that are missing some required information, Hipstamp has never been able to update the count when something sells (because eBay wants the required information updated as well). If the count is 1 then they are fine, or if the required information is there then they are fine.

    That particular problem is "my" fault, but I mention it because many things can cause synchronization problems between sites.
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    Many of us expect things to go smoothly with the Ebay Sync and do not list here at all other than because of the Sync. We signed up here because this was offered and paid fees accordingly to this description of what we were paying for. To not blame Hipstamp on this issue is not the issue Carol. at the least Hipstamp should explain that Ebay is the fault and if this is the case.. the result will be the same.. many including myself will not list or sell here anymore without a working sync. this is not a personal choice against Hipstamp but due to the difference in sales vrs effort required to list, and update. not worth it without the sync. My guess is the REAL problem is the new platform created recently created the issue. Not a pie throwing contest here of who is to blame.. it is about not having a working Sync. and if you as a seller are ok with that.
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    Ink Frog, Big Commerce and Shopify are other sites that depend on the Sync with Ebay to work.. there are many 100's of other sites as well that sync Ebay inventory. I don't think we have been told the real story here.
  • It would be good to get an update from management on the status and progress on this issue.
  • Perhaps eBay and Hipstamp have had a "fall out" over commission/fees for the sync service. I don't think it all happens for free.........................does it?
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    You can sync your own website also with Ebay Store for free... not sure if a site is charged but i don't think so.but.. knowing Ebay :-) interesting thought.
  • I would certainly appreciate some direct feedback on the issue.

    I signed up here on the basis of EBay Sync. I have never actually listed an item directly on Hipstamps. All the stamps I sell are synced from EBay onto here.

    A banner saying it is someone else's fault isn't particularly good customer service.
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    I suspect, many people here are not even aware of the sync issues. This has been going on for about two weeks. Obviously Hipstamp does not care about our concerns.. This does not look good on the management of this site. Problem issues handled in this manner are extremely un professional, imo and are remembered when the time comes to decide what to do with one's inventory. Like you and most people with larger stores.. I do not list here other than the sync- either but the # of listings i have are only 3,000 lots. Better items in my opinion with a total value above average. My listing are removed until this is fixed and i contemplate the way management has handled this situation. If... they are treating Ebay in the same manner as they treat the sellers here then i fully understand the reason the sync is not working. :-)
  • Did it ever occur to anyone that Ebay may have broken the sync to protect their sales from going to Hipstamp? Do you honestly think that Ebay would continue to allow a site to sync those items if that site is pulling what they see as too many sales away from Ebay? Think about it, over the last 5 years Hipstamp has grown quite a bit. And if Ebay is starting to see Hipstamp as a threat to their bottom line that sync will never come back.
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    Shopify powers over 600,000 businesses which have sold over --> $82 billion through it's ecommerce platform -totally in sync with Ebay and Amazon- hard to think this little collectibles site is a concern to Ebay. but maybe? :-)
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    Michael doubt it, "Our team is actively working on a resolution, which we hope to implement in the next few days." Probably just renegotiating the splitting terms. Jerry, exactly Ebay's market capitalization is north of 45 Billion. Be curious to know how many sellers use the sync here, it's probably the majority.
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    looks like the banner was removed- with no comment in the forums. TO be expected. anyone know if it is fixed? i do not want to reupload my stores without confirmation.

    Andrew, i agree, most here is my guess, especially the larger stores with better merchandise.
  • The banner is still showing on my members area.

    You just never really know with Ebay.

    As far as how many sellers use it, you need to know how many are still on Ebay and how many of those who don't sync between Ebay and Hipstamp.
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    Michael.. so true.. LOL :-)

    Banner showing on one account.. not the other.. guess its still down
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    Sync ok again. But....... sold listings on eBay not removed from HipStamp since Sep. 28. 2021. I had to remove all sold eBay listings on HipStamp one... by one...
  • I'm still seeing a banner saying sync is down. Not taking a chance until there is some formal announcement. Horrific customer service and (lack of) communication by Hipstamp management.
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