EBAY SYNCING not working

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this is a total mess and is going to cause a lot of problems for me. What Gives? Two accounts 30+ items sold not syncing so now they are active on Ebay yet sold here. this is a very big deal. I am going to close my stores here to avoid corrupting the ebay accounts- no real choice on this it is a disaster for those that sell on ebay and sync. new inventory not being listed here in either store also. so now I have to hand cancel 30+ items on Ebay and hope they do nor sell there before i do this, re pay for October. reopen both stores.. all because some programmer has ruined the site here.


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  • This sentence, which appears in the last paragraph of the info on the sync page, should say it all:

    "Unfortunately, we no longer have the opportunity to participate in this program."

    It looks to me like eBay has removed the "opportunity".
  • I wouldn't make the assumption you won't be charged fees in the extended mode. I would ask.
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    LOL, nothing has changed except they no longer list the Sync in the payment plans as included feature included in the plan you pay for.. this, i see as an admission of guilt - that they owe massive refunds here. it is also a pretty good indication that the sync will never be fixed here.

    the one functioning feature that they claimed to have is now only available via direct manipulation by the seller.. and that ONLY Functioning feature is to close items on ebay that sold on Hipstamp. But never fear as they are now officially under maintenance. What the heck does that mean? were we not under maintenance for the past month? I suggest the truth.. a banner that states the sync is broken and can not be fixed.

    What is not fixed and most likely will never be fixed:
    1- a refund issued to those that paid for a store with a working sync to upload and sync ebay inventory here,
    2- a method to upload current ebay inventory here as the old sync did
    3- a method to delete items here that sell on Ebay.. a much important function as items sell much more often there.

    Why the smoke and mirrors? Does Management really think we are this stupid? the smoke and mirrors are a major insult! just be honest.. you have fixed NOTHING except taking the last item that was left working (hipstamp sales to close on Ebay) and now make people go through the process to make this "previous" automatic feature work. I assume the programmers at Hipstamp .. do not know how to fix much or do not know what their job description entails? This is what programmers do, automate things.... not de-automate things

    I would think that the sellers here are pretty smart and will never fall for this new excuse. I would also bet most here know how to get a job done correctly.. That management, is a mark of true intelligence.
  • I have a banner on my page that says:

    Active Issue! We are currently experiencing an issue with our Ebay Sync feature, which is preventing items from syncing from/to ebay, and temporarily preventing Sellers from renewing their Ebay Sync tokens. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience.

    Don't you have that?
  • George, mouse agrees he just wishes pesky trap technology wouldn't evolve. Does anyone know how the synching problem actually occurred seemed to be working fine until the gremlins showed up.
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    Many of us expect things to go smoothly with the Ebay Sync and do not list here at all other than because of the Sync. We signed up here because this was offered and paid fees accordingly to this description of what we were paying for. To not blame Hipstamp on this issue is not the issue Carol. at the least Hipstamp should explain that Ebay is the fault and if this is the case.. the result will be the same.. many including myself will not list or sell here anymore without a working sync. this is not a personal choice against Hipstamp but due to the difference in sales vrs effort required to list, and update. not worth it without the sync. My guess is the REAL problem is the new platform created recently created the issue. Not a pie throwing contest here of who is to blame.. it is about not having a working Sync. and if you as a seller are ok with that.
  • It would be good to get an update from management on the status and progress on this issue.
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    I'm wondering if Previois owner/ management Is even working on this site anymore or under new (no) management.. it smells..
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    A ebay multi item listing (that is not grandfathered, see earlier comments of mine regarding grandfathered items missing required item specifics) that sold on Hipstamp properly reduced item count on eBay this afternoon.
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    I guess, this will all take some time to get settled in with existing sellers. Ebay inventory generally sells ok there. if it can not be uploaded here when opening a new store, this is a hassle. Some here are most likely unaware of the issues. those that sell the most here and have an ebay sync that has been updated even to Squid Sync, will be the first to realize the problems. My guess is very few stores are closed (mine are) because of this issue. This site is useless to me at this point. no insult intended but a fact. I hope it gets fixed but as i said before.. if possible.. it would have been fixed by now. :-)

    add on top of that .. wrongly charged fees that Hipstamp has not mentioned at all? ($40 to me) The Sync that works correctly was in the store description i signed up for.. it does not exist. And.. the existing description for new sellers is anything but honest- they are passing off a broken sync as being a "working correctly Sync" and no comments are because we all know this. so new members are paying for something they quickly discover is broken with no refund option.
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    I do think most here in the forums that are interested , do now know that the Sync is a broken mess- as for everyone else (most members do not visit forums)?. Saying that, What about a new person signing up for a store? the only way they get a BANNER stating any issue is if they sign up and PAY for a store and the only way to sign up for a store is to pay. "Once they PAY" then they are given an unclear dishonest message (banner) stating some minor issues with the sync but at this point they have paid their fees with no refund option. this is bordering on fraud. This is a clear cut grounds for a "NOT AS DESCRIBED" claim with any credit card company or Paypal. Especially if you paid newly or got a 1 year contract.

    info below is what a new non member sees before opening, purchasing, and paying for a store- it basically is a LIE (coverup non transparent and clearly a LIE) with no refund option - personally, I do not think we have the same ownership or management we had in the past as this is not the way Mark has acted in the past.. this is unprofessional shady behavior.. not his way- at no point that i can remember has he acted anyway near this in the past - in my opinion this is deception and fraud and is verified by the lack of announcements and communication:

    Sync from Ebay (Powered by Sync Squid)
    A store subscription is required in order to fully view / use this feature.

    Status: Disabled

    Do you have an active ebay store?

    If so, you can automatically sync all of your stamps and related fixed-price listings from ebay through Sync Squid - for no additional fee! With Sync Squid, when an item sells on Hip, the item will be automatically closed or the quantity updated accordingly on ebay, and vice versa. Additionally, any new items listed on ebay, or updates to your existing listings, will automatically be synced to Hip.

    Note: Unfortunately, we cannot yet import existing ebay listings. However, we are working to provide a solution for this soon.
  • FROM YESTERDAY'S BANNER UPDATE: "......However, we are currently prevented from automatically closing corresponding listings on eBay and importing new listings from eBay due to a NON-TECHNICAL issue."

    So Ebay and Hipstamp ARE "at loggerheads" then???
  • Not all of us have a site on eBay, so I doubt this issue will cause this site to close. However, it has caused me to consider using eBay in the future for some selling, without the sync feature because I maintain a large inventory here and doubt it would be worthwhile paying for that on eBay. My concern with doing so, are some of the negative comments concerning managed payments. What is this and is it more expensive than PayPal?
  • That pretty much sums up my situation also Richard. It is too much work to double list here for a fraction of the sales.
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    Mark has not posted in this thread or on any other thread discussing the Sync issues. nor has anyone at hipstamp posted anything on this issue in the forums, anywhere in the forums. This is concerning for many reasons. If one only list here if the sync is working this updated info is needed because some of the updated sync info is only available if you have a valid "open" store here. also, some info is not available to people that open new stores - or false incorrect info stating that the sync is working better than it is. but this "banner info" seems to change frequently :-)

    This is a VERY serious matter to those it effects and not so much to those that do not require the sync to work. Also, many people here Paid for a working Sync with Ebay up to a year contract. certainly, the management is well aware of all this. :-) It boils down to logic at this point. If you want to list here without the sync or not list here if you require it. A shame but that is the facts. In my opinion for new sellers.. this site should remove all mention of the sync as only one tiny least useful part of it works. this is confusing to a new seller and hence misleading. (imo)
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    I'm going to close both store until you fix this- please advise when this train wreck is fixed? of course store fees were charged for the month of October already- so I am now facing double charges for October "if" i reactivate these stores. I assume not a chance of getting those funds refunded. when and if you fix this and when i reactivate the store subscriptions. Totally unprofessional. both stores are now closed.
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    I've had cross site sale problems too, however fortunately so far none double sold.

    One doesn't have to close ones store, just put it on "extended vacation" so nobody can see/buy anything until things are fixed up again.

    My store is on extended vacation until things are fixed.
  • Thanks for the advise on this Ron. "next time" I will remember that! :-) LOL
  • That banner has been up for a couple of days now. Glad tech is so on top of things...
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    This is NOT a good look. It really shows how much of a basement/garage operation hipstamp is compared to other platforms... only a small banner visible only in the members section of the website. What about:

    1. A formal post here in the forum concerning the issue, and more importantly

    2. An email to sellers proactively letting them know of the problem, extent of the impact, and expected resolution timeframe.

    Relying on sellers to come here and see the notice or not know there are problems until after sales need to be cancelled/refunded on this or other platforms is a sure sign that hipstamp management is either clueless or has taken the eBay corporate mindset of not giving a damn how service failures actually impact sellers.

    I've disabled sync and effectively shut my store not only until this problem is fixed, but more importantly hipstamp provides more detailed information on the exact technical issue involved and what their plan is to not allow this to happen again.

  • Why are you blaming Hip Stamp? The banner clearly states:

    eBay Sync Issue: Due to an external issue, outside of our control, the eBay Sync feature is currently disabled. The means that items and sales are not presently syncing over. Our team is actively working on a resolution, which we hope to implement in the next few days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    This situation is out of their control. Be happy they provided a banner on all stores for us. And why wouldn't you look at the Members Area every day?

    I'm just curious.
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    Ink Frog, Big Commerce and Shopify are other sites that depend on the Sync with Ebay to work.. there are many 100's of other sites as well that sync Ebay inventory. I don't think we have been told the real story here.
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    Sync ok again. But....... sold listings on eBay not removed from HipStamp since Sep. 28. 2021. I had to remove all sold eBay listings on HipStamp one... by one...
  • I'm still seeing a banner saying sync is down. Not taking a chance until there is some formal announcement. Horrific customer service and (lack of) communication by Hipstamp management.
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    The last 6 days none of my new listings have been syncing or uploaded from eBay over to Hipstamp.

    Being the corporate monster that eBay is they are probably trying to put Hipstamp out of business or weaken them for a takeover?

    If it does get corrected then expect yet another fees rise!
  • going on three weeks without the sync working? has it worked for anyone with inventory updates or sync on sold merchandise? haven't seen any updates in this even though staff has been here on forums posting on other things. I am thinking this is bad news or certainly not any good news to report from them on this? hope i am wrong as i don't see this as a good thing for this site if it does not get fixed. or.. is it working and they forgot to remove the banners?
  • Yes Jerry - switched over to ebay managed payments last March after leaving it until the last moment under the threat of eBay cutting off my ability to list anything new on my 100% F/B score and Zero defects account.

    In the UK sellers only gain slightly in fees on managed payments if the item you sell is over £9.00. Over £25 you notice the savings. The majority of my items are priced between £3 and £7 so I'm paying more in F/V/Fees. Those sellers that were on PayPal Micropayments are losing out even more as the MP transaction fee is now 30p + tax. I think there are still only 5 eBay international sites that are compatible with managed payments?...........so overseas sales have been down (plus there was Brexit)............ but they have started to recover again.
  • As this continues it becomes less worthwhile to stay on hip. One big issue is that none of my new listings are coming across. Is there any manual export/import type function that I can use to copy listings from eBay manually?
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    Things I know:
    -previously synchronized items are still synchronized
    -items sold on eBay during the outage are NOT showing as sold here, they remain active.
    -a newly listed item on eBay does show up on Hipstamp a couple minutes later

    Things I need to know:
    -will the sold on ebay during the outage but not showing as sold here be automagically corrected?
    -if NOT, then we will need to know the actual start and stop time of the outage so we can go through our sold eBay items and correct things here (this is going to mean many hours for folks who've sold 100s of items during the outage).

    It would be nice to hear from the support folks regarding what is/n't in place yet. Clearly a "new synchronizer" is out of luck until that gets in place but that's all that's addressed in the message in my previous note.
  • The synch for me is working. I cancelled a couple of Buy It Now lots on Feebay and immediately relisted them as new BIN listings on that site. Within a minute or so, they showed up on HS. However, it does not appear that lots that were listed on Feebay after the linking was terminated have automatically shown, at least for me. Finally, it is somewhat distressing that the management of this site has not up to this point, made an announcement of any kind to address the issue that has caused many of us sellers one heck of a lot of work.
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