Despite sync issues, my store, specializing in classic US stamps is still here!

With the ongoing eBay sync issue none of my new listings have made it to hipstamp. Nonetheless I still have some 400+ items listed. Come check me out. All stamps are setup to accept offers. I've recently acquired a large inventory of classic US material from the estate of a very large well-known dealer who passed away not long ago. I'm carefully checking every stamp and listing new items almost every day. Store name is RLSStamps, link is - I strive to provide complete and accurate details on every stamp. Please feel free to contact me to ask any question.


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  • With the new version of eBay sync that is working now I've been able to move the few dozen new stamps in to hip now. All 19th century goodies. Check it out. Some especially interesting fancy cancels, well-centered banknotes etc.
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