Not TakenClicking on photo when adding / editing listing terminates Hipstamp session

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Clicking on the photo image in the new listing format brings up a view of the image in a new window. If the user uses the top right "X" to click out of the new window, he/she is taken completely out of HipStamp. The user must click the "X" on the new window in the header bar to return to HipStamp. It would be nice to return to HipStamp by closing either window:



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  • The right-most X is working exactly as designed. It is used to close your internet browser. The new "window" that pops up with the image is more properly called a new tab. You do not have to X out of this either, as the Edit Listing tab is still available to the left, as can be seen in your screen shot. Simply click on any portion of the Edit Listing tab except the X.
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    Thank you. You are right about the right-most X. I now see that there is an error in the way I presented the issue. My confusion arises from the fact that every other new tab that pops up when clicking on a on picture/scan in a Hipstamp listing displays a small new widow with an X in the upper right hand corner. Why is it missing when using the the new listing feature? Is the new tab not properly sized?

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