Greece C1-4 Question

Folks, I need some knowledge. I'm very anxious to get a set of the first Greek airmails. These are the unusual pastel stamps from 1926, printed in Italy with the stylized Italian flying boat. But I have a very serious problem: dimensions.

When I look at photos of the set presented here and elsewhere, one stamp often seems smaller than the others. Usually it is the high value, the 10 drachma. Other photos show all four stamps the same size. One photo shows both the 3dr and the 10dr smaller than the others. One dealer has a set with the small 10dr and one set with all four large, with different prices and without comment.

What am I missing? I don't think there is any mention of this in Scott, and I just read a Linn's article that doesn't mention it. Can anyone help me? Am i just seeing these wrong? I really like the set, I want to buy it, but this puzzlement is holding me back. My gratitude, of course, for any insight you all can provide...


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  • Phil,
    They should be all the same size, but these were a private printing issue by Aero Espresso Italiana and may vary a bit due to the perforation process i.e. the centering. I took a look at what is offered on Hipstamp and see what you are writing about which could be the result of the placement of the stamps on the black stock card / page. I have never seen a forgery of these unless it is some type of new production. No mention in any of my reference books of a forgery. They are very attractive!
  • Thanks, Harry, for reassuring me. I was not so afraid of forgeries, but of reprints or reissues. I'm gonna grab some, graphically they are so different. They look more like deco era bookplates.
  • Phil,
    No reissues or reprints to my knowledge, Sheetlets of 4 and a Sheetlet of 3 Exist for 1 value. Also an Overprinted set. Very limited printing and very expensive.
  • Just FYI. My Greece C1-4.

    C3 and C4 are 1mm shorter in height than C1 and C2.
  • Oy! And that's what I'm seeing. I've read that the printer for the set actually was an Italian book printer, so perhaps this is just a matter of the printer not being exact from one day to the next....
  • Phil,
    It shouldn't be the design but the margins that create the variance.
  • That's true. The designs are the same size. It's the paper cutting and perforations.
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