Gift Cards

So seriously....does hipstamp have gift cards or vouchers for a gift? I wouldn't want someone picking out my stamps, but would totally blow cash as a gift card or voucher on here. Just saying....


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  • Fantastic idea
  • Great idea. A way for sellers to reward customers, grandpa to make sure the grandkids stay interested in collecting. Much better than a necktie (whatever that is) for Father's Day.
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    I'm also available for marketing ideas on the weekends!!! Lol

    I just know that I recently had this conversation with my wife, "What do you want for Christmas?"

    Me, "Stamps".

    Her. "I'm not getting you stamps."

    Me "a giftcard I can buy stamps on hipsta...wait a minute."

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    Hipstamp GC sounds great, Voucher/coupon codes would work also, wondering myself if like other places we could exchange any kind of gift card here and take the cash to buy more stamps while someone else gets the gift card information and usage = swap exchange I'd say! Speaking of gift cards I know about Ecards instead of a plastic card in your hand its a electronic card works just the same why not add this?¿
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