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From Wayne:
When you list a new item using "sell similar item", when you get to the picture, the old picture is still there and you seem to have to delete it. Can we not have the old picture instead of deleting it?


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  • I do agree with Wayne's post. It does take a long time to delete the previous listings image, then you have to list your new image...

    I just listed 12 stamps.

    It took much longer than 10 minutes to do so.

    I was drifting off (and made 2 errors in the process).

    Some how I clicked Save Draft - The next screen informed me that my listing was listed - I carried on with the next 2 stamps. I then Clicked the HomePage (because I do not see a Quick link to my own store) - then I listed Stores (good thing I'm #2 (quick access)) - Once I got to my listings, it shows my newest listings, which is a good thing! - I then verified that the 10th stamp indeed was NOT listed, as I thought, and since I have no idea where to find this Draft Listing that was created, I just proceeded to list a new listing from the 12th listing (1183671) to create 1183672. 1193669 should be this MYSTERY Missing Listing (Draft), who knows - I have no use for it, since I can not locate it to do anything to it, so Mark, I do not understand why there is a [Save Draft] - which when your drifting off because of a super slow internet connection (or it could be that my computer is bogged down) - all I know is that there was no new data flow with HipStamps' computers, as my listings were all in sequence (1183660 - 1183672 (missing 1183669).

    Whew! I hope you understand all of this Gibber Jabber, Mark! If not, I'd love to share again. The important issue was that it took way too long to manually upload 12 new listings. zzz. Yes, I sure was drifting right off!

  • Thanks for the additional feedback.

    When you save a draft, you can access it from the Members Area > Selling page. On the right hand side you should see:

    Add New
    Drafts <------

    Regardless of the position of the buttons, they do need to be changed so that the primary button is highlighted (in blue) and the others are not, so that it's clear where you should be clicking when you want the default action. Similar to when you post here in the forums. You can see Preview, Save Draft and Post Comment - but only Post Comment is in blue (as it's the primary call to action). I actually tried to change this earlier today but it took longer than expected. Either way, we'll definitely get that part updated soon.
  • I do like them as they appear on this page too. Horizontal is better than Vertical (where my tired eyes hit the button by accident).

    Thanks for showing me where the tree is in the Members Area. Will have to become more accustomed to this area in the near future too!
  • We've now implemented this feature request. Item images will no longer show up when you use the List Similar option.
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