USA Customs? Consular?

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I don't know much of anything on Scott listed stamps and condition and real prices :-)

perf 11 i think.. what do these sell for- realistically? has a slight embossed cancel lower left and bad centering- else as seen


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    and another one.. i see a few these on Hipstamp here and the prices seem insane.. seems like these were $1 stamps 20 years ago?
  • We've sold a fair few of them over the years. You've hit the nail on one point, that being centering. I can't stress enough that you have these accurately perf IDd. Scott doesn't "track" values for anything other than VF which these are not close to. These would both be VG at best. Both stamps are the same perforation, however it looks more likely perf 12 to me, which would make this an RK2 and an RK4.

    I note an embossed cancellation in the first stamp as well as the pen cancellation. These embossed stamps lower the value further. All consular stamps are "cancelled" there were no uncancelled stamps sold to the public.
    So your first stamp, you might get $23 $30 for it if it's an RK2, the second stamp has very low CV anyway, which is around $7, with this centering, you might get $1 - $2 for it. But nice examples do sell well, and for descent values.

    But do yourself a favor and take the time to perf check these. There are 3 possibilities for this design, perf 12, perf 10 and perf 11. All have different CV, and it's important to collectors that they're getting the right one.

  • Cool, thanks for the info Scott! I totally agree.
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    I put the two combined in a lot @ $10 -auction.. :-) thanks for the help
  • That should do ok.
    They have a small collector base, so might need to cycle it through 2 or 3 times to get a bite on it.
  • Check out Mystic's inventory of consular stamps for comparison. They have a few dozen for sale. Prices vary widely.
  • I avoid Mystic like the plague...
    One of my least favorite dealers on the planet. (Not at the bottom, but near there).
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