Not TakenThese endless, damned bugs are getting old !

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I just completed a couple of dozen listings into my store and have a pretty solid handle on the new format. Imagine my surprise when I went back to check on them (a lesson learned because of all the problems with this site) and found I have a cover listed as an auction, which was neither my intention or a result of a deliberate action.
So...I went to my account page to see if I had been charged for an auction listing and found there were charges for TWO auctions. Meanwhile, if I key in 'Auctions' on my store's main page, it lists only one.
The second charge for an auction I didn't want nor created is for a BIN listing I put up almost an hour ago, and it still hasn't even appeared in my store in either form.
This site is getting on my nerves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • There's a new slogan going around - "Make Hipstamps Great Again"
  • Hi George,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have looked into this and sent you a message directly regarding this matter.

    Best regards,
    Hip Support
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    It does not appear that there was an issue here on our end, but I can certainly understand that you may have inadvertently created these two listings as auction listings, as auction is the default listing format in our Sell Your Item page.

    However, we are planning to release an update soon, which will allow you to set the default listing format from the Members Area > Selling Tools > Default Listing Settings page, which should help to ensure you're only creating listings in the format you intend to. I also see that our team has already reached out to you to refund the listing fees on these two items, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to follow-up accordingly.
  • In a day when it is common to hear "we are experiencing an unusually high volume of calls" or "your call is important to us" along with automated operators insulating one from actually talking to a live person, it's nice the head of a company reads, considers and acts when deemed appropriate, and occasionally posts some of those responses in our public forum here.
  • Thanks for the response, Mark (and to the team), but since I had listed about one dozen items (one at a time and manually), it seems odd that the last two inadvertently came up as auctions when the prior 10 or so didn't. What changed?
  • Mark,
    Unfortunately there was an issue on your part. I have added thousands of Items in the last few years and never had this as an issue till today. You all must of changed something. The something being the default to "Auction". Some friendly advise from a much supportive seller is to leave those things that ain't broke alone and work on things that really need fixing.
  • In the current Sell Your Item page the Auction Listing type is the default (it always has been), in the old Sell Your Item page the default Listing type is Product (Store Item). You can now change the default (for both the current and old Sell Your Item) from the Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Prefilled Fields page.
  • I just checked following your recommendation. Mine was already set on 'Store Item' as the default, yet my last 2 listings still came in as auctions???
  • Mark,

    I do not have a page "Prefilled Fields" under seller tools.
    I set up an auction this morning to start at a latter time and the item is not showing up on my scheduled listings page.
    It also does not come up in my search under private ID of C118 in any of the sections under listings.
  • I am not listing anything any more until I know what is going on.
    Too many bugs going on with this site and I am making sales but it might be getting time to look for something new.
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    Apologies, the name of the URL is "Prefilled Fields" but the menu item is listed as "Default Listing Settings". It's this page here:

    George, this is a new feature that we have just released today - adding Listing Type as one of the available options that you can set on the Default Listing Settings page.

    These values are only used when you create a new listing. If you click on "Sell", you should see that for a new listing, your listing will now default to Store Item instead of Auction, as it's set as such on the Default Listing Settings page.
  • Well the scheduled listing is now showing up after I contacted support.
  • Now if we can just get the option to set what listing page we want to use so the default is not the new page.
  • Mark - I just tried to list an item, and it went to 'auction' instead of a 'BIN' item. Checking my store, I see I have two auctions running that were also supposed to be BIN's. Clearly, 'listing a similar item' isn't defaulting to BIN as in the 'similar listing.'
    Its getting older and older having to triple check every listing to make sure I'm not wasting money on auction listings I didn't want. Meanwhile, if one of these sells as a BIN on eBay, what do I do if the same item has a bid on it over here????
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    I would always defer to Ebay on first rights to an item. This site has problems.. not your fault but Hipstamp's fault. It is their responsibility to clean up the problems they created here. I also had this problem with many items selling in both places with the sync being discontinued. the hassle though falls on the sellers here and it really is a lot of extra work for the sellers.
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    I lean that way, Jerry, but imagine the ill will this could elicit from buyers....
  • What does "Not Taken" at the top of this post, mean?
  • Management felt nothing needed correcting or fixing - so "no action was taken."
  • George, I agree with you on that.
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