Allow seller to specify a range of IDs and/or listing prices for a Promotion/Sale

Like many sellers, I like to clear out old inventory with the occasional clearance sale. As it is currently configured, the "Edit Promotion/Sale" function requires sellers to either a.) manually enter IDs for all items that they want to put on sale, or b.) apply the sale to all listings.

This leads to several problems for me as a seller:
1.) It is extremely onerous to enter individual item IDs when I want to put several thousand items on sale.
2.) I cannot easily create multiple discounts depending on the length of time an item has been sitting in my inventory (i.e. 40% for anything over two years, 30% for anything over a year, etc.)
3.) I cannot easily create multiple discounts depending on the price of the item (i.e. 40% for anything under $10, 25% for anything between $10 and $50, 20% for anything over $100).
4.) If I create new listings during the sale, the sale then applies to all these new listings. This is frustrating since I have researched the optimal price point for my new listings and don't want them discounted.

Ebay allows me to create sales based on listing age and price (one of the only things I like about their platform), and it would be nice to have these functionalities on Hipstamp. These are simple queries to the database to create the parameters for the sale. Please see the attached screenshot with my proposed look for the added functionality, and thank you for your consideration.Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 4.15.03 PM


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  • Just being able to place listings on sale by date would be a big help. (That's only common sense for most business's to want to clear out older inventory.) Why that was never put in place in the first place does not make any sense. I think quite a few sellers would want to be able to do that.
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    Just a quick note. While a date range is not currently part of the sales/promotions feature, there is way that you can achieve this currently without a large amount of effort. Go to the Members Area, filter by date range, select all listings in the search results, then click the Export button. This will give you a CSV file and you can just copy and directly paste the listing ids into the Listing IDs field. It specifically states to separate the Listing IDs be commas - but spaces work too - which is how they will copy/paste into that field from Excel.
  • That's fine on the surface, can the system handle a 21,000 listings csv file that size and can it handle the copy and paste of that many numbers at one time? Or is it something that would have to broken down into smaller bites? (That's only 1 years worth of listings that remain from both Bidstart days and listings posted on Hipstamp to May 1,2017)
  • Yes, any amount of listing ids should be fine.
  • Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your response. It is good to know that there is a technical work-around. I used to work in software development, which is why I put forward a use case and proposed solution. One of the distinguishing characteristics of your platform is that it is generally much more user-friendly for your sellers than your competitors. While it is obviously your platform to develop as you please, this functionality would save your sellers a lot of time and likely incur a low development cost. We are just talking about adding a few new fields and an SQL query of the database.

    Just food for thought, and thank you again for your consideration.

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