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so recently looking at store search there is no advanced options like searching for new seller's, searching for Free Shipping seller's, Searching for a list of seller's that only sell 1 type of item your searching example you type in US Scott #1 all seller's with that available should show up even a option to have best seller Shipping price at top and worst at bottom stuff like this could be potentially very useful not just for me but everyone!


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  • Brett, there is a search option at the top of the page:
    Hip Search

    If you enter #1 here then you get this result:

    And then you can add to the criteria tick boxes at left, where I selected:
    United Sates
    General Issue
    Gives this result:
    Hip Search2

    Which I think matches what you're trying to achieve.
    Now, if you select a STORE first, and then make this same search, it will apply ONLY to items in THAT store.
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