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so the shopping cart feature is easy to use mostly if your dealing with a few dealers n a few listings but my issue n maybe others when we add to many to the cart of say 1 seller n you want to refine it like pick 1 type you want or price range you want youdhave that option to buy just those leaving the rest in a separate cart for another rainy day rather then say individually saving or deleting 500 plus listings from 1 seller you could easily buy the 50 you want that is say revenues only then you can buy the postage due or what ever it maybe think a option or a tweak in this would be beneficial!


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  • Hi Brett,
    I think you should use the "Watch Item" option instead of "Add to Cart" option. Then only add to cart the stuff you're ready to check out with. it's a slightly different way of thinking, but I suspect it will make what you are trying to accomplish easier. And then if you "take a long time" those items on your "watch" list which have sold won't be available as well (not sure what happens to them in the cart but probably vanish as well).

    The key here is you're looking for a "double-cart" option, and I suggest you can achieve that by using Watch first, and "Add to Cart" as the "second cart", with just the stuff you're ready to buy.

    It's a learn curve, love the questions you ask.
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