Wow USPS way to excel at your job.

Begin rant.

So I got a notification last night. The package of stamps I have been expecting for a month finally arrived. I skip down to the community mailbox all excited for my new stamps. There is nothing in the mailbox. OK, maybe I overlooked something on the porch. Skip my happy ass back home. Nope, nothing on the porch either. Check the neighbors. Nope, not there either. Go back to the tracking information - left in the parcel box at the delivery point. Back to the mailbox. The key is missing from the parcel box. So who did the key go to?

I wake up this morning and go to the post office. Here's the tracking, can you find the package please? It was dropped in the parcel box but the carrier must have put the key in the wrong mail box. The manager says to me "I only had 3 of 8 employees show up for work today". I said "Well that sucks". She says "this is your problem, I don't have time or resources to deal with it". I start to get upset and say "excuse me, not your problem? I'm pretty sure it is your problem". She says "If you think you can do this job better, you should go apply for it and come down here and do it". A very disproportionate response. I was upset, but didn't think I was being confrontational. I ask "So what do I do about the missing package"? She says "It's insured, tell the shipper to file a claim and re-send the merchandise".

Fork me, I'm done.
It's stamps! To a certain degree they are unique. These were grab bag stamps because I have been bored and need something to sort through but what if it was a C3a and I finally took out a second mortgage and bought one? I am trying to remain sympathetic, because we are all dealing with bs due to conditions beyond our control, but wow. Talk about having a bad day and taking it out on everyone. I AM SO PISSED.

End Rant. Thanks for listening.


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  • You'll feel much better after you contact the USPS Postal Inspectors and file a complaint...
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    LOL George... That employee is certainly thinking she has the power and position to act that way.. :-) I assume Dejoy has inspired her. :-) I just received a letter from Italy (with stamps) it was completely moldy and ruined. worst i have ever seen.. I did manage to slightly salvage the Japan stamp inside I wanted and paid for. And the holiday season starts! :-)
  • I've usually found that with USPS, the ground-pounding carriers and clerks are decent, hard working folk trying to make the best of a bad situation, although it may seem like offering an extra omelet on the Titanic. USPS management, on the other hand, are always the most contemptible, detestable scum of humanity, people that never had a chance to be border guards or war criminals. Merry Christmas, everyone...
  • Let's give them the chance then eh? :smiley:
  • Most people, in all occupations, do want to help others. Then "circumstances" creep in. Having less than half of the usual crew show up for work but still having the same volume of work to accomplish is the kind of stress that puts people over the edge. It is happening all over. People are stressed out already and having trouble keeping it together. I recently read that a fast food manager and 3 employees wallked off the job due to too many online orders.
    I'm not making excuses for the USPS employee you mentioned. I'm speaking more generally. People are on edge and violence is the result.
  • An update. In spite of the bluster, the key did show up late (really late) yesterday and I got my package. I suspect that 3 of 8 either figured it out or got told to figure it out.

    And John, that's what I want to believe. The great minion resignation is not going to end soon. I don't think we've seen the worst of it yet. People are getting tired of long hours for little pay and no recognition. Until the people in charge figure it out and make corrective action, I suspect it will continue. I have been trying to give this particular manager a pass, but I don't think I can. If she was willing to talk down to a customer like that, what is she like to work under?
  • As a lifelong card carrying minion, amen. A-fragging-men.
  • The (one) clerk in my PO loves to say "We don't have to do that. It's in the manual"
  • Gotta love those post clerks that love there job so much they got the attitude that wants to party hardy....Amen to those loving there job!
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