Holiday Sales

Wilton Philatelics - Effective Dec 15, 2021 until Jan 1, 2022 Holiday Sales:

Holiday Sale #1 - Save 20% (US, Canada, Great Britain)

Holiday Sale #2 - Save 25% (Austria, China, Japan, Jamaica, France & Colonies, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia)


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  • My sale #2 did not go into effect, and I don't know why. I separated each country with a comma. Should I have done it differently? This is not explained clearly how to do this. I contacted HipStamp.
  • Regarding Sales n discounts I've tried many times with failure to use this part of the site perhaps there needs to be some guidance forum to help us with any site stuff not explained or easily used for dummies like me against technology isn't my friend. I tried doing what you did 20% off n 25% off didn't work for either and other listings but nope, tried editing shipping n BIN but didn't work right away had to redo it 3 times for it to stick.
  • Thanks Brett for your comments. If I hear anything from HipStamp I will let you know. Perhaps I should have separated countries with a semicolon, instead of a comma, but this is not explained anywhere!
  • Just got a reply from HipStamp. To have a sale on specific countries you have to put the information in the category field and not the country field, and you cannot just key in the information. There is a drop-down menu where you select the specific countries by category one-at-a-time. And some countries you cannot pick and choose. I wanted to only list Jamaica in Caribbean but that is not possible. Jamaica is not even listed under Caribbean although it is listed as such in the main category listing. I had to select British Caribbean and get all the countries in British Caribbean, not just Jamaica. Makes no sense what so ever.
  • WIlliam,

    It is a very simple process. I've done it quite a few times. If you assign your listings to "Categories", i.e. regions or specific countries within regions, just select each one you want to add to your sale. In categories, you don't have to use commas or anything, you just select the ones you want. If you are specifying specific countries, I'm not quite sure how to do that but I would think that commas would work as they do if you list multiple specific listing ID's. I'm sure HS will look at it and tell you what happened. Having said all that, I looked at your store and it appears that your sale #2 is in fact in effect. Germany, Austria, etc on sale.

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    Your welcome William hope everything works out for you but you gotta love when things that should be simple for you tends to be some sorta block in the way whether it be Mental or Technical just makes no sense to me maybe a site coder or admin could explain how to slide with ease on all site features how there suppose to be easy to use.
    Honestly many times I feel I need a manual just to use this site in it's entirety not everyone here explains in plain English English lol
  • Brett, when you get a chance, go click on the little envelope "inbox" at the upper left of the forum page. Look for the message I sent you a while back. Might help you settle into the saddle a little better.Screenshot 2021-12-15 222945
  • It's in the upper right, not upper left.
  • Right...upper right...right. Sorry.
  • Never spent any time in the military, eh Greg?
    (That's your MILITARY right). ;)
  • I checked it out and will definitely use it Greg just waiting for reactivation. O I also responded not sure if the message in the forum box went threw or went into syber space also message to you Scott and also John as well.
  • Right! Not me! I was "left" out! :smile:
  • lol left right left right left double march yessah
  • yeah I was left out too maybe daddy didn't love me or did I get that from a funny funny movie lol
  • Brett, didn't see a response but that ok. If you read it, take it to heart. The tools are there for you. I think we are all wanting to help. Take it slow and steady. Be the tortoise, not the hare.
  • well said I'll admit I gotta go more slow n steady been trying to sort threw n list to many at once considering I only some what organized about 6 good size boxes full of stamping material not perfectly organized but country wise about 90% aside from the WW pre mixes but yes I'll definitely work at it on a more steady flow put a small pile in front of me rather then the entire box and happen to pick out more then I have time to list for sale n sort threw that is my issue lol slowly learning things tho definitely the advice here is not going towards deaf ears I do forget n come back to reread that I do often.
  • That is good to hear. Never feel like you can't ask questions. There are no dumb questions, just a lot of dumb answers. I taught all my kids that least the ones I know about.....hmmm.
  • Very true sometimes I hesitate due to the fear of a low blow belt response mother thought me to have a heart not tear them can't say the same for my father definitely remember the stif boot when I was 6 for stealing a pack of gum these days kids tho enough said.
  • Greg, what you stated was what I explained above your message reply. You have to use the drop down selections in the category field only. Why they even have a country field selection field makes no sense if you can't use it. You can't use commas or semicolons, and some specific countries you cannot list. They are only by a large group, like Caribbean.
  • But it does look like from viewing your store that your sale #2 is in effect. Did I miss something?
  • No, but you see the items on sale now, only after I resubmitted my sale and altering how I was supposed to do it based on the information I received from HS.
  • Ah gotcha! Cool!
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