Auction upgrade for peons?

So, since the ability was taken a way some time ago with a promise to replace with something else, when exactly are us peons going to be allowed to feature auctions again? Or am I missing the method to do it?


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  • Thanks for bringing this up, Doug. I never read any advance notice that the 'Feature on Home Page' option was going away, let alone a promise that it would return.

    I really counted on that feature to drive eyeballs to my store . . . and its absence has been very apparent in how many fewer 'VIEWS' my auction items get!
  • I don't do auctions, but in Stamwants and Bidstart, we could feature store items too.
  • Yeah, it disappeared one day. I tried to run an auction event then go upgrade select auctions to drive eyeballs (as you said, Dave) and found the options to upgrade were gone. I sent in a notice to Contact Us. They acknowledged it was gone, and they said something was coming to replace it. I expressed my displeasure and disappointment about making a change without (a) notifying people and (b) implementing a replacement before you pulled the rug out.. Now, still nothing? What's up? Well, I see PLENTY of featured items out there, but no way to get in on the fun as a peon? Why cut people off? Was it being abused? Now it's coming up on Christmas, I have time to do auction of better items, and it's a struggle to "do it yourself". I'm not going to Contact the "team" to help when I should just be able to Do It.
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