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I would really appreciate more search options. One in particular would be very helpful. In looking for some older US issues I get pages of DIE Essays before I get to any stamps. I suspect that those looking for these would like to be able to specify just them and since I am looking for actual stamps it would be nice to exclude them. Just a thought……


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  • Bob I don't understand your example. I don't seem to get the same results as you do. Perhaps you need to better define your search. You can search for a range of up to 50 stamps numbers. If searching for older US, I would first type in the upper box US #1-50. This currently brings up 9210 stamps. I would then sort these by catalogue number. Except for a few strays, you get a listing of all # 1's available on the first page. No DIE Essays.
  • The DIE Essays show up when you look for 72 for example. Not every number shows them.
  • The problem does not lie in the search options, but in the dealers who list their items in the wrong categories and with the wrong item specifics. A search of US #72 brings up stamps of Bavaria, Malaya, Ryukyus, British Antarctic, Canal Zone, Pitcairn - and that’s just on the first page.

    Then, there is a listing for US #s 367, 370, and 372, where the dealer has Catalogue Nr 72 in the item details.

    Then, after checking several essay and die proof listings, I see that they are listed with the Item Specifics, “General Issue,” which of course they are not; they belong in Back of the Book (Other).

    A search engine, or its filters, can’t do anything to mitigate the problem of dealers who can’t or won’t learn to list their items properly.

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    a search that is based on the dealers item description would be very nice. this is what every other site on the internet uses except Hipstamp. Perhaps an option to revert to a search based on description would be nice? Most of the searches i try are rejected as the present search is based on item# and country? I would be warry of blaming the problem on Dealers when the issue is the search parameters designed by the programmers.. again the programmers.. How many sales are lost here because of this? 25%? an actual real search based on actual item description would take a real programmer less than ten minutes to set up on this site. I am just saying.. why not have "both options" if it could potentially increase sales by 25-50%? the search on this site is the worse i have ever seen. And.. the concept of Hipstamp charging a monthly fee! to see the completed and sold listing info is certainly interesting also :-) this info is free on other sites' search and based on item title and or country. stone ages technology
  • Jerry you are not restricted to searching by # and country. Type "precancel". More than 13,000 listings are shown.
  • Good to know John, I will research this more.
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