Beyond a want list of single items?

Wondering if there is something in place to purchase certain areas of stamps here? Probably not as it would be a hassle for the site to set it up. I am "always" looking to buy non scott listed revenue, telegraph and "older" cinderellas or charity items from most all countries if priced reasonable for what it is- single or large lots are fine. I don't have a lot of time to search so I generally search newly listed items (daily) and i also check auctions.


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  • I definitely get what your saying and agree wish there was a more refined search option it wouldn't be that hard to increase the possible categories maybe even a bigger list of none philately item's such as Cinderella, FDC with Coins even Coins to go with said FDC or Stamp but these are far n few listed I've searched n not many I alone could triple the listings of FDC with Coin & Coins to match FDC or Stamps even stuff like Cigar/Cigarette/Tobacco Stamps/Cinderella, etc. Also on topic of Non Scott listed Revenues & Telegraph only ways I find these item's is threw count less hours of searching without a easy fast option kinda like a needle in a hay stack in a barn full of hay stacks in other words the key words n such to search can be almost endless unless someone marks in title or description correctly for others to easily search said item's.

    I been very busy with work but soon as I am able gonna list some stuff that may spark your interest along with some other people here since I listed n sold every single Coin and stamp auctions with 100% success gonna do another Trial run since no one else is doing this Business is Business in my book and Hipstamp shouldn't be able to say I can due to the fact I am matching stamps with the coins so there is similarities for it to be both used in Philately and Numismatics even Bill currency can work with stamps to match, I bet even Cinderellas and other things can match some coins or bills then to the stamps not sure what I'd call this kinda collection perhaps oddity or AHOD All Hands On Deck for short.

    Haven't listed anything in awhile but let's hope for a good new year's!
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