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Just took a tour of the new site. This looks like it will be fun to learn.


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  • I looked at it too. It is difficult to tell what their end-game was but it kind of looks like the same functions as now, just rearranged to look different. I didn't see any obvious added or enhanced functionality but then, there's very little detail in their preview. It would be nice, for example, to allow sellers to use their own categories/topics rather than their predetermined ones that don't always fit a given common topical like "Disney" or "Princess Diana" for a couple. Anyway...we shall see shall we?
  • Where is this preview? Does it look similar to the new HipComic?
  • I got an email from HS today about it. I wouldn't even call it a preview....more of a teaser.
  • If you look at HipPostcard (where I have a store, which is how I found out), you'll see the new format. The change-over there took place weeks ago. Although the new format looks cleaner and more modern, I still prefer the old look where navigation seems easier (its that 'don't like change' thingee again...)
  • How do you get to see the new site?
  • Both Greg and I got emails. But if you scroll to the bottom of this page click on Hip Postcard and see if you can see the new format. I do have a store there, but sadly I haven't been there for a bit. I know, bad me!
  • Didn't realize you were talking about Hip Postcard. I only use Hip Stamp.
  • When was this email send? I did not see it. Could have gone to trash or spam without me catching it. Would love to see this.
  • Yesterday. Really not much to see from my view.
  • I never received an email. The new site just showed up today. I was using the previous one yet this morning. I don't know why they made the change unless they are trying to get as screwed up as Ebay.
  • I got the Email today, has I was revising old listings. I don't know if its a coincidence, but has soon I noticed the new look, I noticed that now it takes more time to revise items. This AM, after revising an item, all I had to do is just correct the stock number and voila! I had the next item to work on. Now, with the great improvements, I have to again type in the name of the country and correct the whole number which has no bearing with the previous one I just did. The site is getting worse not better.
  • Horrible!!! I want my tab bar back and the ability to see my store at a glance. I don't want to go through hoops to find what I need. Time for another CLASSIC option.
  • I'm somewhat used to the new format since the HipPostCard site transitioned weeks ago. Its a learning curve, but once you're used to it, its workable, albeit nowhere near as easy to navigate as the original version. What really irks me is that it appears some got a heads up from Royalty about the pending change via email, whereas some of the Peasants and Un-washed (like me) got no warning whatsoever. A tutorial prior would have come in kinda handy, but since historically sellers can only hope for the occasional breadcrumbs tossed in our direction, it is what it is...
  • See what happens when you throw Ted's name around to the right people?

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    Hey, I'm one of the unwashed masses. One minute I was cruising along the site, nice and smooth; next minute, the earth shifted on its axis, and I was thrown into an alternate dimension where Ron Lenke sits on the throne (not THAT one) of the world, eating hamburgers and jujubes (Iknow, it's sounds the same as this dimension), printing counterfeit 1 billion Mark Deutsches Reich stamps for his Roth IRA.
  • This forum is perpetuated the myth that there is a new hipstamp
    They have rearranged the menu structures that’s all this is!
    The “App” is nothing more than a link on your phone to hipstamp. Anyone could have created this link at anytime on there own
  • Why does everything have to change? I still use the "classic" listing option for store listings- the new one is cluttered and actually takes longer to use even though it's all basically on one page. I find this "new" Hip Stamp home page and navigating system harder to navigate. All the most used icons were on the homepage with the now "old"system and easy to access- now you have to look for most of them. Maybe there are short cuts I haven't found yet but my first impression response is thumbs down- another example of IT guys with nothing better to do trying to justify their job status.
  • Everything changes, even my membership date! I am now a newbie selling here. I just noticed that now I'm member since Mai 2021...when I was around with Bidstart and joined HipStamp on day one!
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    Me too !
    And the same on HipPostCard!
  • The search function is more much convoluted now. The one advantage HipStamp had over eBay was the easy searchability of certified stamps by grade. That feature has now disappeared into thin air.
  • Back to the future! I am now a Member of 2012... This happened minutes after I sent a message to support, hope they take a look a the rest because the "New" HipStamp was slower to work on, now with the New, new HipStamp its even worse. After posting a message here and making revisions in my store, each time I Save Listing I'm bumped here!
  • Mark, I still see all those filters - Condition, Centering, Has a certificate, Certificate Grade - on desktop and mobile.
  • Thanks Ted it is showing the filters now. I have no idea why they weren't showing up earlier.
  • Ted has a cloaking device and he uses it here on occasion just to play with us
  • Just about the time I get my ducks in order, they wander off. Getting used to a new system here shouldn't take too long, maybe two weeks....or maybe just another two weeks after that, quarantined in your stamp room of course.
  • I didn't get an email. I've been working in the layout for a couple of hours before I even noticed. They took the Forums button off the header, so now you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to access.screenshot_HS
  • I search competitors prices before I set mine. Seems on this new and improved Hipstamp can't do that anymore.
    Placing a country and scott # on the search gets whatever the computer wants to offer. Unable to research at this time. Fix the problem please OR tell me how to do a work-around.
  • The website is still screwed up, at least when using a Firefox browser. Is you can see from the screenshot below, the search window is greyed out and searching for specific items is impossible.
  • What they have done is make it impossible to be in your store and then use the top search bar - the mode I am in 100 per cent of the time when trying to list new items.

    It works when in your store before you search but not after you search in your store which defeats the purpose of it - you have to constantly back into and out of your store - OR just open another tab with Hipstamp and toggle back and forth. Not too bad until (and if) they fix it - but definitely third world programming.
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