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I inherited albums labled FDC. The first 20 or so albums had actual FDCs in them. However sometime in the last decade my father began collecting and putting in albums labled FDC sheets, panes, strips, and plate blocks that came stamped by his local post office.

What are these really called? Are they FDCs?

Can you only get them stamped on the first day of issue?

Do they usually release stamps on a Sunday like the blueberries today?

I dont want to buy 3000 blueberries in a coil will they sell me strips of 10 or 20 af the post office or will I be forced to buy a coil of 3000 or wait for someone to began selling strips from those coils?

Finally here are a few pics of my dad's collection for those who inquired. 20211228_130145
First 2 pages of his nearly complete ducks and some proofs I like a lot. Havent really cracked into his oldest books. Just bought a Scott # 67 to fill a gap so I will take some pics while I am in there.


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  • I cant get the ducks to upload.
  • Charles, check your file size. No greater than 2MB. QUACK!!! :smiley:
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    Thanks Greg!
  • Now that's a nice collection!
  • Yessir! Very nice! PNS, etc. Cool!
  • My dad loved his stamps. I have nearly 40 lindner albums full. He bought 40 or so of these ducks from a collection Dr Bob was selling in a insert earlier this year. He was pissed about the rw5. Small tear on bottom. Debating whether or not to get a replacement. All but 150 out of 10k stamps are never hinged.Resized_20200424_153222_6732(1)
  • Stunning! I wish my mess was that organized. Where/when did your dad serve if I may ask? Flag on top of the case.
  • He didnt, he actually sent me that pic a few weeks before he passed. He had just had that cabinet custom made because his whole life he was bending shelves. That is my Grandfathers flag. He was in the army, during the Korean War. Served 4 years, him and his brothers were mechanics for printing presses. When he got out he worked for the bureau of engraving and printing.
  • To you and your family, thank you!
  • Nice cabinet, too!!!
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    They were both great men. Raised strong sons. I try to do the same with my son. A little tougher to raise kids right these days. We are actually blood decendants of Thomas Stone. They used to tell stories of all of the men in our family before me and how hard life was. They were tough as nails. I find it wierd that Thomas Stone has never had his own stamp. Lucy got one though. Its front in center in my dad's misc book.
  • Whelp! Time for a Thomas Stone on a stamp campaign then. A founding father of our republic should be honored. If Lucy can do it...so can Thomas!!!!

    You sound fairly familiar with stamps. Your father left you a great legacy to build upon. Treasure it and pass it on to your own.
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    I dont know too much. In my whole life I bought one pack of used stamps on a field trip. I only know I bought these because of my dad's notes in ez stamp. Never sat down with him and his stamps one time. Wish I had.

    As for what I do know, I binged watched a great YouTube channel called "going postal" and read thousands of these threads after he passed before I even started looking at his stamps. Couldn't sleep so figured I would be productive. If you start a Thomas Stone Stamp campaign then I will start a " 2mb Maximum" next to the upload image button campaign. If it wasnt for your patience and help on all of these threads nobody would be able to upload a image.
  • Well...now you're hooked. We lost our father a few years ago. He got me started in stamps about 50 years ago. That's what my little allowance went to. Littleton Stamp & Coin approvals (now Mystic Stamp Co). Set it aside for a number of years while I fiddled around trying to "grow up". Familiar story eh.

    There are some great folks here who will help with whatever comes up here. Just look out for Lenke!!!! LOL!

  • Your father exemplifies exactly what I refer to as a well curated collection of value ( not the usual we see ). I personally do not see philatelic material as investment quality material any longer , (even some of the most famous items are seeing decline in value ). I have purchased wonderful material that was unaffordable 30 years ago . Curate and keep that collection . Carefully go through every album and learn . I also built my own oak / hardwood stamp collecting unit . I keep a humidity / temp monitor to protect those 140 year old pieces of paper . Godspeed . Thanks for sharing with us . It’s inspiring
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