Confederate Sates of America Jefferson Davis Blue 10 Cent

Jefferson Davis 10 Cents
I recently received a large number of stamps from my mother and while going through them I found the attached Jefferson Davis. I have looked through my books and on websites, but can not locate such an item. Has anyone seen a 10 Cent Jefferson Davis in blue?


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  • Facsimilies of Confederate States stamps were made for educational, and philatelic purposes (giving collectors something to put in the spaces. There was no such stamp issued as you may have surmised. It is a fake.
  • Michael is spot on here..big bogus. Many fakes produced in 1930's. I really think Fran Kaufman has the best material and website on fakes.
  • Rene,

    Do you mean Trish Kaufman?
  • Technically, in philatelic terms, this not a "fake". Fakes are stamps made from other stamps to look like another stamp. This is technically a forgery (different from philatelic "counterfeit" as well), with the subtle distinction being that a counterfeit carries the intent to fool authorities of it's authenticity. To be more precise, this may even fall under "reprint" if the original plates were used (though that doesn't appear to be the case with this example, I have seen it with other examples of the CSAs).

    There is an amusing souvenir sheet that was a reprint as "propaganda" after the war which was intended to lambast the South's intentions. I'll see if I can find a copy of it, the text included around the sheet is rather comical.
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    an interesting reprint off the original plate- printed in Atlanta as a sales promotion in the 1860's - right after the fall of the city to the northerner troops - full sheet was printed on newspaper with ads on the back. . I have not found much even conversation on this item but it certainly is interesting part of the history of this stamp and the authenticity is obvious when compared to the facsimiles and outright forgeries offered. these also make it pretty obvious that most of these stamps sold online are fakes being sold as real. most are not reprints but fakes or the later reprints on white modern paper 12a
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    I don't think the 10c was put in use- but certainly was slated to be put in use? interesting topic to me as i have a few of the above stamps that i doubt anyone else has unless gotten from me in past. :-) LOL

    a similar design.. not sure on these. but come in every color. I hear this was from a captured plate but.. i don't believe it.. way too bad a printing as you can compare to above background and facial quality. fairly common and found in large multiples for a few $ per stamp - as you can see the real ones were nicely done with some detail. usa1a
  • Yes, opps. Trish Kaufman...( Fran was a endocrinologist i knew), doggone old man thing, you know).
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