Giveaway links not working

When in the Giveaways page, the links above the picture do not always work. Some work before clicking the Enter button, some quit working after clicking the Enter button. Link Error


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  • it does work, however you may need to scroll to bottom of page(most likely), click back in to giveaway and then pick one you haven't entered yet. You will not have to sign back in but do need to know what you haven't entered yet. So yep, another untested programmer glitch -I'm just glad they aren't in my generation
  • Reloading the page makes the link work as well.
  • Steve,

    If they were coding for me years ago they would have been fired immediately.

    These people are an excellent example of IT idiots.
  • I know the work-arounds...I figured the "Bugs" forum was to report bugs to the programmers and support. The links they put in don't work. I guess maybe they should come up with a new forum "Work Arounds" so all the users can post all the bizarre work-arounds we have to do to get things to actually work on here.
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