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I realize that the train has left the station on the automatic feedback policy. However, one enhancement that might work best for both buyers and sellers would be for the automatic feedback to be left in a backdated way.... i.e. on the day that it was "supposed to be" posted rather than on an artificially determined one, 45 days later.

In this way, actual user generated feedback(as opposed to the machine generated kind) would remain at the top of the chain, not crowded out by the machine's input allowing customers to see what other real buyers are saying about the seller's performance.



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  • Here's an idea: Feedback system is useless, and a "Me Too" carry over from a failed eBay "system".
    Just get rid of it. It's valueless.
  • Sure. Blow it up. I get that argument. But people still look at feedback and the reality is that Hip is committed to a feedback system and has implemented an "improvement" which IMHO needs improvement. Therefore my suggestion.

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    removed my post. not going to let this site upset me. :-)
  • Yes I went and read someones feedback today on e and the buyer said the seller was "puffy" ? No Idea either. LOL
  • Puffy = Pompous.
  • Actually Scott you are correct. It is truly useless. When I first started here I incorrectly thought that higher feedback ratings would help me to get what what I was buying. This was not the truth at all. Eventually I figured out on my own who to trust and who not to. That has served me well.
  • Bob,

    You are absolutely correct.
  • Trust earned through experience, reputation, performance, and quality is the most valuable and treasured thing. Nothing can compare to that. Especially not from some AI robot response machine.
  • it only takes one seller to ruin the site for the one buyer. after a buyer gets burned .. they leave or at the least turn very sour on the site. If management enables the bad sellers with the feedback policy, they are in fact destroying their own site. simple logic. then management scratches their heads and wonders why no buyers?
  • Jerry,

    First off what do you mean by a bad seller? Are you talking about sellers that sell fakes and frauds as real items or are you just talking about sellers that don't have pristine feedback according to whatever your definition of bad seller? Did you realize that the vast majority of sellers on Hipstamp EVEN before the change with the feedback were at 99% or better feedback ratio. (That did not change that much afterwards the ratio afterwards only went up by about an average of less that 3 tenths of a %. )

    Now if the seller is not dealing with the problems and those buyers are going through either Hipstamp or Paypal to having to resolve it, they will be dealt with. Hipstamp is not going to keep taking their time, effort or money to keep dealing with type of sellers.

    You're also leaving out the fact that a lot of the feedback is subjective and not always factual. You also leave out the fact that you have buyers that leave feedback BEFORE ever contacting the seller about a problem. You also have buyers that have unrealistic expectations, and also leaving negative feedbacks on things that are clearly mentioned either in the shipping terms or in the description and the buyers never bothered to read those. I also have been around long enough to remember when Ebay had the problem of sellers using the feedback as a weapon against another seller to trash the other sellers feedback to place themselves higher in the rankings and also to try to remove the competition. And to top it all off you have a small minority of grumpy old goats that no matter what you do you can't please them and they are real PITAs. It's why Ebay had to get rid of that system of ranking the sellers that way because it was causing to many problems for them in the long run. The only purpose of the feedback was as a tool for buyers to be able to make a choice of whether the feedback would give them pause to buy from that seller or not.

    As long as that system has those flaws in it to begin with, you can't use it as a be all and end all to deal with those sellers that way. The best tool for dealing with sellers that you perceive that are problem sellers is if you can't get the seller to correct the problem is to complain to both Hipstamp and Paypal. Why would Hipstamp or any site try to remove sellers that have a 99% positive feedback ratio in the first place, never mind the fact that many of the buyers are repeat buyers of that same seller.

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    99% feedback is totally horrible if you sell at least 200- 500 items a month and have a large inventory and with auto feedback is equal to about 90% feedback :-) anything below 99.5% would be bad before the HS changes.. now there is no bad sellers as their feedback is faked to look OK by way of massive dilution with thousands of undeserved good auto feedbacks. these figures do not reflect a seller with under 200 sales a month, imo

    A bad seller is someone that consistently takes over 30 days to ship out a stamp. feedback not left often reflects this so the 45 day auto feedback is a total slam in the buyers face. Expect much more bad and neutral feedback after HS changed feedback. after 30 days because if you wait longer HS removes that option

    a bad seller is a seller that does not reply to a request as to why something has not arrived.
    the other issues also exist that you mentioned like fake, miss ID, or hidden, non described or incorrectly described damaged goods but the first two are the biggest in my opinion.

    Shipping and communication.. the TWO most important . Polite communication can resolve 90% of most issues. Rude or non Communication makes it all much worse, imo

    I do disagree that Hipstamp removes bad (larger) sellers. I am not going to post examples here. Even putting a seller on time out would get the message across to get it together or leave site. Enabling the bad sellers with a way to hide their feedback is not the answer.
  • Back in the Bidstart days, I listed and sold US # 597-599, 600-606. The buyer left negative feedback, claiming that # 599A was missing. I had to point out that 599A was not in the description. He replied that it should have been in the description that # 599A was not included. Luckily, the neg feedback was removed, which would probably not have been removed had it been on eBay.
  • So are you saying if let's say the seller shipped out 1,500 items in the month and happens to have a buyer who bought 100 items and left negative feedback for the 100 items because 1 item in the shipment had a problem is a bad seller and has horrible feedback just because of that? Just because those sellers are horrible in your opinion does not mean that most people or Hipstamp agree with you. The feedback ratio means less that the actual comments.

    If a seller is taking 30 days to ship out the item, (and one is not talking about the the delivery time once it gets into the mail stream) As that would seem to be against Hipstamps policies to do so, that should by all rights be directed to Hipstamp directly and not just via feedback. Here's Hipstamps policy on shipping time

    General Seller Policies
    As a Seller, you're expected to:
    Ship items promptly once an order has been paid.

    The communication goes both ways.

    Shipping and communication in those cases are not addressing the problems.

  • fortunately we all get a say on this so arguing opinions really doesn't go far :-) . the point is if it is going to cause buyers to go elsewhere and cause the site to attract bad sellers being as they are now immune from bad feedback. :-) (opinion)
  • You do realize that some of the sellers that YOU classify as bad sellers have been on here for over 15 years. If Hipstamp has not seen them as bad sellers in all that time what makes you think they are going to start changing their minds about those sellers being bad sellers just on your say so just because you believe they are bad sellers? (Never mind the 99% of buyers that were happy with their purchases from those sellers)
  • This thread has lurched off topic. There are many other threads which have beaten the problem of this feedback system to a pulp. It was not my intention to retread that ground.

    The issue IMHO is simple. Given that HIP has made this automatic feedback decision, can we advocate a tweak that will better present the information that will be helpful to buyers? My feeling is that human responses('I liked the material"... "well packed with fast turn around"... "shipping was super slow and way too expensive"... "material misrepresented"...) contain alot more information(as imperfect as it might be) than "positive automatic feedback left after 45 days". The human responses should be prioritized along a simple posting rule with the "automatic" feedback backdated to say 7 or 14 days after the transaction, if feedback is not left.

    Despite the numerous flaws of the system, it is here and unlikely to go away. If anybody here has a better suggestion for improvement, as the TNT solution appears to be off table, I for one am all ears.

  • Another big issue with the feedback system is the lack of access to the various categories, which is a gripe somewhat in line with the OP's. If a buyer or seller has a lot of positives, but also a fair amount of neutrals and negatives, why can't we access those directly without having to scroll thru dozens of pages, trying to find them. If someone has an inordinate number of negatives, I want to see why, but I have better things to do than to spend 10-minutes searching out the reasons.
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    Robert, you don't get to pick what we post. no insult intended. :-) and in my opinion the post are all on topic and need constant remarks till it is changed. as for beating up the feedback system in place... it is horrid. it is a complete insult to buyers. If I did not leave a seller a positive feedback it is not the right of the management to do so especially at the 45 day mark when many items have not even arrived yet!

    as for sugar coating the horridness even further by giving it fake human qualities is just more deception. DECEPTION is the key word here with the new feedback system.
  • Jerry

    What is deceptive about my suggestion? Please. That is somewhat offensive.

    You hate the system I get it. I am just trying to acknowledge reality and make it a bit better than it is. Plenty of threads here to beat the same old drum.


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    Its not personal Bob, sorry if i came across like that. i actually tried to not do that.

    The deception if you make the feedback look like normal feedback is obvious. :-) This would make a bad situation even worse, imo. when ebay does this they use many different feedback comments if you select auto remark. the difference is you the buyer or seller select this. it then looks like legitimate feedback and not a management deception practice to help a few larger sellers who have feedback problems because they are not acting professionally. :-) Buyers don't care about their personal feedback.. why should they? this is a ruse to help a few sellers. this is why it was done retroactively and resulted in tens of thousands of feedbacks for a few sellers.
  • George "If a buyer or seller has a lot of positives, but also a fair amount of neutrals and negatives, why can't we access those directly without having to scroll thru dozens of pages, trying to find them.

    all more of the "ruse" to deceive the buyers here on this site and help the large sellers with feedback issues.
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    At the risk of further whipping a dead horse, let me shift gears a little. I recently made a purchase. One week later it was cancelled and refunded without explanation. While it was a no harm - no foul situation, I still wanted to know the reason, so I asked. I still haven't received an explanation. Normally in a situation like this I would just not leave feedback as if the transaction never happened, basically it didn't. However, they do not deserve positive feedback, even if automatic. To me, communication is lacking. I don't know why these events happened, maybe the store owner passed away and the family is doing the best they can. Maybe the items have sold and were relisted without the store's knowledge. Seems to be happening a lot these days. To me this doesn't warrant negative feedback either. So I guess neutral it is? What opinion is out there? How long do you consider a reasonable waiting period for a response is?
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    I recently had a purchase i made happen with ten items. Second time the dealer just flaked.. no items, no reply to questions on where they are and no refunds. he has 250 negative and neutral feedback in past year. The sellers have no fear here to be professional, imo. I would simply leave negatives for your buyer- under the new system, i would do it quickly. :-)
  • If the seller has 250 negative and neutral feedback in the last year, and you bought from them a second time and were burned a second time, I would say the feedback system was working perfectly... trying to tell you to find a different dealer to buy from. Why in the world would you go back a second time to this dealer?

    It sounds to me that the solution to the automatic feedback discussion has an easy fix. Instead of 45 days, make it 150 days. All lost mail issues would have been resolved by then, and the customer has had ample time to issue a negative feedback if the dealer deserved it.
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