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I have sent the following message to the help desk 5 times from each account some via email and some via the form from each account
They responded once to confirm the account I wanted to delete(?)
I'm hoping this post will prompt them to act

"I canceled my subscription expecting to get a refund for the 2 weeks remaining on it
I did not get a refund
So I re-enabled my store
When I did that, I was charged again for a subscription
So now being in the hole for 6 weeks of subscription and my store is not enabled
Please refund for my new subscription PLUS the 2 weeks that remained on my previous subscription
That would be for user
SFBUYER and email
This is my 4th attempt to resolves this"


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  • Did you try to email them at
  • yes, no response
  • just sent another
  • I don't know who took over, but the place went to hell when they upgraded the site
  • No body took over, it's still the same owner. Remember, this is the weekend so one must be a little patient and kind. They work very hard for us.
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    whoever outsourced the site billing, development and helpdesk
    and BTW, they aren't working for you, they are providing a service for which we are paying.
    We have a right to be disatisfied with their services, especially when they were so good before the updates.
    I spent 20 years in QA, the biggest problem with major changes, were all the things the developers would break that formally worked..
  • Russ. I spent 30 years n software development. I wont say what we used to call QA. But your whining is just what I would expect.
  • Bob Woodbury> Well I spent 30 years in IT, 10 as a developer, 20 in QA and it was the crappy developers that hated us, of one I'm sure you were as the CEO at DiaperWare
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