Easter Egg Hunt in cddstamps store – win $100 of stamps join the fun

Do you want to win $100 of stamps? Just buy $10 of stamps from our cddstamps store https://www.hipstamp.com/store/cddstamps over the Easter weekend, starting now until close of our business Easter Monday 18th April – yes we have a long “Holy Week” here - and you are qualified to enter the Easter Egg Hunt.

Hopefully you will enjoy looking through our store as well.

Find the Easter egg, send a message with your order, however you wish or using the Question button, and tell us the Listing ID of the stamp with the Easter Egg. There is only one correct answer. Think carefully. :-)

On Tuesday 19th we will draw one winner from all entries. Sorry, but anyone posting the answer on the Message Forum will be disqualified so please don’t ruin the fun of the search for us or others.

Have a peaceful, happy, perhaps even chocolate filled and philatelic, Easter.


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  • and just to clarify, the $100 is for stamps from our store. spend $100 and get immediate refund of $100, spend $80 for example get $80 refund and keep the $20 for a future purchase. Have fun
  • Neat idea but with 34,000 listings... needle in a haystack. Good luck with that.
  • Thanks for the feedback. Very much appreciated.... for those of you de Bono fans, put on your black hat, but don't look for difficulties that are not there.. :-) I prefer the green hat :-)
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