cddstamps Easter Egg hunt ........... NEWSFLASH...............

win $100 of stamps from the cddstamps store. it is so easy to enter ... remember when you were kids and you had an Easter Egg hunt. where were the eggs?... at random everywhere, all around the 34000 acres of your property, :-) of the 3400 or 340 sq feet of your house / apt or garden, no of course not. in special places. so please don't be put off by someone saying ..... needle in a haystack ... good luck with that one. ..... because judging by responses so far that is indicative of what has happened. very sad..... we thought you might enjoy the EASTER stamp egg hunt.. :-) of course we could be wrong and you are just trying to decide which stamps to buy from our amazing stock :-) and taking your time deciding in between eating your EASTER eggs Hope so :-)

odds of winning are extremely high right now have a lovely peaceful safe and blessed Easter weekend with family and friends Michael and cddstamps


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  • Michael. I am sorry but I have to mention that the search would be more fun if the stamps were more interesting. Page after page of common 20 cent stamps is not so interesting. Sorry but I’m a crabby old man.
  • Bob, Point taken from the perspective you are looking. BUT I am afraid you have missed the search point. you will only need to look at 12 stamps at most. some people found it in less than 20 seconds. I cannot make it any simpler. but will add today ... any order of $10 of stamps and I will enter that collector into the Easter egg hunt draw.

    I was trying to give everyone some fun at Easter. oh well I tried..... Have a good one everyone.
  • Bob, while they may not be interesting to you, they may be just what others are looking for. If Michael's fun promotion or his offerings do not interest you, then just keep walking. With all due respect, there is no need to piss on his leg and try and convince him that it's raining. But at least now everyone now knows about the crabbieness. Have a great Easter weekend!
  • Ha-ha! You’re right, Michael. It took less than 12 attempts.
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