new store search is HORRIBLE!

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the new store search is Horrible! if i had not of already closed my two stores - this new idiotic format would have certainly made me do so. People pay here to have a store and a search that actually works is needed in order to have a store here - is this a plot to direct buyers to the few main stores here?.. this is totally insane.. i say this as a buyer! i just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why i was being redirected away from the store i was trying to search and buy from. My conclusion was this was designed by a pre teen programmer? If the store owners here have not tested this out... take my advise and spend 30 minutes testing out the stores here and the new search bar that was forced on all the stores on this site. I had a 10% return on actually having the store i was searching.. give results. the rest directed me to universal results.. in other words screwing the store owner i was trying to buy from. I will say any beginner programmer can create a working search that actually works.. this is an embarrassment to this site.. we are talking about basic 101 programming.


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  • I searched my store as you suggested 10 times and was never directed to another store as long as "In This Store" appears in the top search box. If you delete this, then you will be directed to other stores.
  • Search window works as expected for me also. Just make sure that you are either searching your store or the entire hipstamp site as John pointed out
  • yes, seems to be working now. this is good news as search is needed to buy within a store. today.. no problems using search and was able to make purchases .
  • I am a new or amateur collector and found that until I realized I had to delete the "search in this store" option I could not find stamps as I had before. Find the new system works but makes things more difficult for no apparent reason.
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    it seems so simple too and such a little thing.. but any confusion could cost sales, waste time, and or result in the buyer being frustrated and moving on to Ebay. :-) it was so simple before. 2 separate search boxes. 2 separate search boxes is the internet norm and what 99% of people respond well to. trying to start a new trend is power that no programmer should be given especially with a site like Hipstamp
  • One BIG problem that has not been addressed is with the header and the stuff they added to the right side that takes too long to load and will wipe out what you have done on a page when it finally loads.
    That in it self will make customers move to another site and sellers will loose sales and their customers.
    It should be made sticky just like the HipStamp logo and the search box (which will wipe out what a buyer had put in it when the page finally fully loads).
    Another problem I am seeing is that the PayPal script on a listing will not fully load until the stuff on the header fully loads.

    Very bad programming.
  • I’m sure I’m in the minority around here but as a buyer I have no trouble using search or any other part of this site.

    And I have been to other sites and I’m staying here. But I didn’t come here for slick coding examples. Just stamps and good information on them. Which I have found here in spades.

    To each his own I guess.
  • Bob,

    I use a desktop and many of my customers use a desktop and have complained to me about the problems I have mentioned above.
    I have told them to contact HipStamp about the problem but nothing has happened.
    It is a simple fix but I guess that the management does not want to do anything about it.
  • Correct...HORRIBLE.. and inaccurate too. The new front page is HORRIBLE as well. So hard to get recently ending auctions up. I've noticed my sales dropped off dramatically.
    Wish they'd quit fixing what isn't broken.
  • Steve,
    Yes you are correct.
    These new programmers do not know what proper coding is.
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    With a big sigh, I'll wade into the shark infested waters here. I have had nothing but a positive experience with the HipStamp platform. Sure, there are little things that may be a bit awkward for some things, but they (in my opinion and experience) are not "horrible" and seemingly the end of all things large and small. I'll say it at the risk of getting whacked by some here. This is a really good platform, the support is responsive, and the customers are great. Here's my take....if you don't like it....leave. Or figure out how to work with the platform as it is. Trashing the site in a forum does no one any good other than to make one feel good. Reach out to the folks who run the site and work with them on your concerns. Some folks, maybe many folks, who have a store presence here and some, maybe many, customers read these forums and trashing the site host may not be the best thing to do.

    Ok...let the whacking begin! I'm a big boy...I can take it. This shouldn't take long I would expect. C'mon man!!!!

  • well said Greg.
  • Ditto Michael's message.
  • Ditto John’s ditto of Michael’s agreement with Greg.
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    yes, best to keep silent!! :-) that way everyone thinks the water is safe.. after all the sharks need to eat too!

    as for the rude remark "if you don't like it leave" well believe me that can happen.. and it will be the buyers that leave. Speaking out about the insane policies on this site for the past year is going to happen. including the sync issues that NEVER were fixed , and were charged for as it was included with the membership cost for sellers. anyone have an idea what owner suppression of concerns result in.. try looking at Delcampe. it also , once was a nice site till they went police state. they lost 90% of their buyers.
  • So Jerry, fair... but what can you do to improve it, beyond just stumping about it?
    It's not what you're saying, it's how you're saying it.
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    Seb Sebastion did the same thing at delcampe.. after deciding he was the King of stamps sites. told buyers to go elsewhere if they did not like things as they were in the forums. He also actually removed thousands of complainers from his site and stole their Gold membership fees. Guess what Happened? they all left and the site is now a joke. Nothing is done here with complaints. zero . nothing. on the exact same path as Delcampe.

    all the boot licking sellers there eventually turned on Sebastion as their sales went to zero after the buyers left. it took about a year. its now a private members only club for anti USA customers :-)
  • Well, I think that's in the eye of the beholder. I have raised issues, and some have been resolved, and some have not, but that is the discretion of ownership. Feedback is one of those things that you can either accept or not. As the giver of feedback, you have to be willing to accept that some suggestions will be accepted, and some won't.

    You are right, there is a risk then that if you just ignore everything, that people may move on. I just don't think that your ranting is helping your cause. You've already closed both of your stores. The things you don't like may not be an issue for others at all. Change is also easier to accept for some than others.

    You're a brother, Jerry. I've seen you be a great contributor, and you have a lot to offer. Maybe focus on that?
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    LOL, no.. thats not going to happen.. i buy here now.. thats it. and speak my mind until i am removed. ;-)

    and speaking of feedback.. that was the biggest scam ever perpetuated on the buyers ever and done to help the owner's store. As well as to hide negative and neutral feedback via massive dilution with no method installed to see bad feedback except going through thousands of pages of fake feedback.

    you should be honored that i and others are willing to post here from our busy life's to complain about the insane polices here. saying nothing would suit the few that are left here in this museum of overpriced, miss identified inventory of a site
  • "saying nothing would suit the few that are left here in this museum of overpriced, miss identified inventory of a site"
    "i buy here now.. thats it."
    Interesting dichotomy...
  • “you should be honored that i and others are willing to post here from our busy life's”

  • Jerry, I'm just curious and with all due respect, how did you manage to operate two stores here when it appears that doing that is contrary to the HS terms and conditions? From the T&C..."Operating multiple Seller Central accounts: Operating and maintaining multiple Seller Central accounts is prohibited. If you have a legitimate business need for a second account, you can apply for an exception to this policy by contacting us through our Contact Us page on our website." I have thought occasionally about doing a second store for my own specific reason but have not because of this policy. I do understand that they state one can petition HS to operate a second store so maybe that's what you did. I'm just curious.
  • I have also thought about opening a specialized store, therefore Jerry I would also be interested in learning the process. Looking forward to your reply.
  • A little levity ... since I am just back from the Post Office and actually a comment on the dead horse of auto feedback.
    (and for readers who read about countries received orders from) - My Post Office boss kindly told me I had a letter this morning - ooooohhhh how how exciting I thought... but no it was one I mailed on 21 May 2021. yes a year ago.. returned very good customer in fact who has bought twice sine this order.. they live in Chile. returned undelivered why well we will never know ... great feedback though..... say no more, say no more :-) nudge nudge :-) have a lovely day everyone. Michael
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