For those of you who collect CTO’s do you mount or hinge? If you hinge a CTO will it lesson the value of the stamp or does it even matter? What if there is glue on the back?
Thanks, wayne


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  • I always mount regardless... I just think it presents better...
  • If it is a never hinged CTO or is a CTO with significant value, I would probably mount it. If it is previously hinged, kind of up to you to mount or hinge especially if you have access to quality hinges. Just my 2c.
  • I would also add, it depends on the rest of your collection as well. One thing I always find odd is a collection that is half hinged and half mounted. Pick one. But be aware, as Greg mentions, about hinging NH stamps, though technically, a CTO is still considered a "used" stamp so will never be an "MNH" for catalog purposes.
  • Myself, I'm committed to vario-type pages for everything these days. I would prefer that dealers mention hinged or not for CTO items. Many do not.
  • The only reason that might deter me away from mounting, which all my collections are, is that I would have to “custom” cut the stamp mounts - not cost so much as time!
  • If you can find "good" hinges, go ahead and hinge, but finding good hinges today is difficult. Nobody has figured out how to make the green hinges I used as a kid back in the 50's & 60's.
  • Not to be insulting to anyone, but really, I view hinges (which have a greater potential to damage stamps), as being for kids collections... where there is no real "value" in the collection. For serious collectors, presenting your material even if you're the only one viewing it, just looks so much better in mounts (or, as Phil mentions, I do have some collections that I display in very high quality stock pages, but typically even these I put in some kind of mount before they go into the album).
    Just my preference.
  • I have art on my walls that I spent more on the frames than for the art.

    The question for the CTO's, what if the mounts are worth more than the stamps?
  • What if 100 years from now that's no longer the case?
  • For every CTO I hinge,
    it makes every mounted CTO more valuable.
    Doing my part.
  • I wish the hinge had never been invented... then we wouldn't miss it.
  • Scott,

    Long before we had mounts made of plastic, hinges served the purpose and Dennison hinges worked very well. Unfortunately no one has been able to duplicate those which is a mighty shame.
  • I'm fully aware of their history, and as a kid, my first collection was all mounted with them... and I wish I had known about mounts back then...

    Dennison seems to be like trying to replicate a Stradivarius. But even if they could, I wouldn't use them, save for maybe repairs.
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    I must admit that I do still use hinges for certain things. I have a traditional paper album for my French used collection and I use hinges for it. I also use hinges to mount my kiloware on home printed pages, several binders there.

    Those crappy Prinz/Supersafe hinges are all that's available these days. I've learned to be very sparing with moisture for them.
  • As a kid back in the 50's hinges were all I could find. Were the plastics used in todays mounts even developed then?
  • Plenty of the "unwashed" used Scotch Tape or glue, so like them or not, hinges, especially the original Dennisons, were a blessing.
    Of course, using 20-20 hindsight: growing up in London, I dutifully put all the new GB issues into my Windsor Album using SG hinges. Hawid mounts were around back then (late 1960's, early '70's), but as a beginning collector, I liked the look without mounts. Oy Vey, but who knew turning MNH stamps into MH ones bruised the value. My first Germany albums bought back then were hingeless ones made by Leichturm (Lighthouse) which turned me into a believer. Since then, I've been using nothing but mounts, now for almost 50-years.
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    Back when I was a kid there were no mounts only Dennison hinges is what I used and I learned about them in the stamp club at South Shore YMCA from MRS. Benedict. She also brought me to my first stamp show being Compex in Chicago back in 1961. She also had me read the book Paper Chase which I bought a copy and still have it today. It was one of the reasons I became a stamp dealer a few years later while in my teens.
    I became friends with a lot of dealers in Chicago like John Ross, Steve Eaton and the Rasdale brothers.
  • What role did John Gielgud play, in the movie version of the book, Bill?
  • Great movie . . . but that was John Houseman. (if I am not misunderstanding a joke somewhere in that reply . . )
  • Ah, right. John Houseman. Great guess, Dave, from a very lousy clue. LOL
  • What movie?
  • Paper Chase
  • Ah yes.
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