Not Taken558 items missing from upload

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First i deleted ALL items from my account
Open, closed, sold.
I then uploaded 9550 items
The upload report says all 9550 were sucessful
open listing count shows 8992 open items
558 items missing
no closed, no sold, only open


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  • Did you check again a few minutes later? Are they still missing?
    I only ask because sometimes I can upload, say, 100 listings, and when I first check there are only 80 new listings, because it’s still in progress. A minute or 2 later, and they are all there.
  • I checked 7 days later
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    If you review the results report of your upload, which you can view in the Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Reports section, you'll see that many of the successes were not item creations - but item updates. This would be because it appears that you've reused the same Private IDs on several hundred listings - and Private IDs must be unique. Otherwise, this will not create a new listing - but update the existing listing with that Private ID.

    That being said, it is not recommended to delete all of your listings and then upload those same listings as new items - including with different Private IDs. Our system will detect this activity as an attempt to artificially promote existing/old listings as new listings - and this will cause all of these listings to be demoted in our search engine - not promoted as if they were new.
  • OK, but there where no existing items
    A day before (I think) I deleted ALL 72,000 closed, sold and unsold items
    The reason I did this was to try to avoid what you said happend
    So apparenly it updated 500+ ghost items gving me a false total of 8992 items, instead of the 9550 that I uploaded
  • Please review your CSV file. You will see that you reused the same few Private IDs across hundreds of listings. If you upload a CSV file with 100 items, and they all have the same Private ID - this would only create 1 listing. The first row would create the listing, and since the next 99 items all have the same Private ID as the first listing - the first listing would be updated 99 times. This is how our Bulk Lister has always worked - as Private IDs must be unique.
  • OK, got it, thanks
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