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I just found out about this discussion site (thanks Luree) and wanted to share something a bit different. I am an avid collector of U.S. stamps - with my latest focus on 19th century. I love it but it gets a bit expensive. So in between my buying binges, I love to still work with stamps. So I started doing some stamp art. I know there are alot of very detailed stamp artist out there (that is not me). But I just like the simple sillouettes with themed stamps that I think make some very nice pictures. I thought I would share some of these with folks. I have about 20 pieces and still thinking of some others. If anyone wants to see more - let me know. I hope you enjoy. Flower
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  • These are very cool !
  • So cool. Love them all. Do you have a store here? If so, please add the link.
  • Very nice! I love stamp art the way that you've done it.
  • Here are a few more. The first one is a jigsaw puzzle of US president stamps that I put together and then placed the actual stamp on the front of the picture. Turned out pretty cool. I have this one in my office.
    The rest are some of the other sillouette stamp art that I completed to date. None are for sale at this time. Just doing it for enjoyment. Maybe one day.
    Thanks for your comments.
    Love Heart
    Virgin Mary
    Monster stamps
  • WOW!!! They are all fantastic. We would love to see more.
  • These are great, Mark. Not that you're taking a poll or anything, but my favorite of these is the church.
  • Very nice. Great usage of "common" stamps.
  • Thanks for all the nice comments. I will post the rest of the pieces later.
    And Ted - I'm with you - I really like the church too. My next favorite is the flower.
  • Here are the rest of the stamp art pieces I have. Hope you enjoy. Any comments welcome!
  • Do you do requests? :)
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    You should think about selling these. I'll bet it would be worth your while.
  • Thanks Don - I have thought about making them to sell - but they are quite a bit or work and depending on the stamp - it is a challenge to get the stamps sometimes. I don't want my enjoyment to turn into a burden! But I do like creating things that people get joy out of.

    Scott -- I have considered doing requests - but not sure how that would work. Also - as I mentioned above, these things take a while depending on design and stamp availability. Not sure people will want to spend enough on these to make it worth my while. But - just out of curiosity - do you have a request?
  • Mark, yeah a few:
    Benjamin Franklin
    Just off the top of my head.
    Feel free to ignore all these. :)
  • Thanks Scott - those are awesome. I am always looking for new ideas since I only had one more on my "drawing board" - horses (which is in the works now). Will let you know if any of your ideas are progressed. Thanks again.
  • Here is a different version of "stamp art" from 1933. I have seen others from Japan and China as well.
  • That is very unique. Thanks for sharing.
  • Here is another stamp art - Ben Franklin (suggested by Scott Payton). Stamps are mostly from US - but I found several from other countries honoring him over the years -- France, Canada, Cuba, Argentina, Sweden, Turkey, and Marshall Islands. I also found out that Ben's favorite color was green - thus the green (although light) background.
    I probably need to put a darker background on it so you can see the detail around the face and collar, etc. Will see if that is better. In the meantime - wanted to share. Working on horse and penguins next.
    Hope everyone is doing well. Ben Franklin
  • That is totally spectacular!
    Would be cool to do it entirely in #7's & #9's. :)

  • That would be cool - and super expensive. Here is the deal - you donate the stamps (only need about 100) and I will do it for you!! :smile:
    By the way - I just realized you own Classic Philatelist! I have bought several stamps from you over the past year. I just received #185 (Unused NG) in the mail yesterday. It is a very nice stamp.
    Have a great day!
  • Mark,
    I'll see what I can do. :)

    And I'm glad you are happy with the stuff you get from us. I remember that 185. Nice stamp.
  • Redid Benjamin with a dark brown background. I think it looks better. Also finished the horse. Last one is the Penguins - then on hiatus for a while. Ben Franklin
    Horse (1)
  • Both are really nice but I think I like the brown better
  • Thanks Don - I agree. You can see the detail of the silhouette better against the stamps with the brown.
  • Agree. I think the brown is better too. The outline is more pronounced, and it's more recognizable.
    Very cool.
    How do you build your mats?
  • Just awesome work.
  • Some I have to cut by hand with an exacto knife - but most of them I use a Cricut Maker 3 machine. They are awesome.
  • I have a few more stamp art pieces coming. Here is the penguin one that Scott P. suggested.
    Lincoln, Washinton, Queen Elizabeth and the Beatles are in the works. Then it is vacation time.
  • Oh, LOVE LOVE this one!
    So cool!
  • That is so nice. Love it!
  • Lauree - thanks for the extra manchins. I am using those on the Beatles piece (different colors for the title above the picuture). The others I ordered will go on the Queen Elizabeth piece.
    Thanks again.
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