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I just received a message from a buyer in Italy who is attempting to buy 621 stamps that are currently in his shopping cart. He can't complete the purchase because 39 of those stamps include the message "Shipping Not Available to Destination". At the top of his first page he is told to delete those stamps where "Shipping Not Available to Destination". This dilemma makes no sense to me, unless some of my stamps were never updated properly when I opened my inventory to Italy; therefore I'm reapplying my shipping charge to Italy on my entire inventory again which will take several hours to complete. Hopefully that doesn't mess up some of the other stamps in his cart.

In the meantime I was wondering if anyone else has run into a similar problem? It was my understanding that locations you didn't ship to, could not be viewed by buyers living in those countries. In my opinion, if he was able to put it into his cart, he should be able to buy it, so I don't know why the shown message would even be in the system. Fortunately my buyer has been very patient, but he expects me to correct it. If reapplying my shipping destinations doesn't work, I told him I would contact HipStamp to see if they can "override" the system and allow him to make the full purchase. Requiring him to forgo the purchase of 39 stamps doesn't seem to be a reasonable solution.


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  • John,

    I wouldn't wait to contact HS Support on this. They will be able to give you guidance as to how to deal with it.

    Beyond that, I would like to know how to sell 621 items in one purchase. If you could fill me in on how to do that I would appreciate it! Just kidding of course. Or am I??????

    Seriously though, each time I have an issue along these lines, I get with support and it always get resolved.

  • Greg, I took your advice and submitted a ticket. I had to write it twice as my first attempt failed and I had to start over. I received the auto reply on my second attempt. My second attempt to open all listings for Italy is still processing. A major time problem with the size of my inventory.

    My biggest problem will also be the time it takes to process an order of this size. Fortunately the buyer is very cooperative and told me to take my time on his previous order of over 200 stamps. For some reason the buyer didn't have any problems making his first order which he placed after asking that I sell to him in Italy. I haven't listed any new stamps since then, so I don't know why problems showed up preventing him from making a second purchase.

    Now that I think of it, I wonder how he was able to "see" my inventory when I had excluded Italy from countries to which I ship initially. That seems to contradict what Mark has posted.
  • I had a similar issue the other day with an offer from an international customer to whom I do not ship. Reached out to support and they found that somehow I had some setting in my shipping config that allowed him to view the listing. They contacted him and explained why I had to decline the offer. There is something there maybe.

    It is a nice problem to have though...picking and packing an order of that size. That why I have Bentley the Cat do it. What could go wrong eh???? :smile:
  • Can I borrow Bentley to do it? After my shipping destinations were applied a second time, my buyer was able to make the purchase. I notified HipStamp I didn't need there help after all. Still don't know why so many stamps were missed in the first place.
  • The only way that hipstamp could regulate what countries could see/not see our stamps based on the countries we ship to would be by IP tracking. IP tracking can be fooled by using a VPN connection. If you don't ship to a country, say Italy, a person in Italy with a VPN connecting through a U.S server, would be seen by the hipstamp server as being in the U.S. Maybe that's how they got around it.
  • Don, thanks for the explanation.
  • New Zealand is still closed for shipping to isn't it.
  • You can ship using Shipping Easy. The cost is $8.60 for 1 oz. without tracking. Costs more with tracking.
  • I noticed when I click on shipping icon under any of my listings it says "No shipping available". Looks like it may be a systemic problem :<
  • I had this problem once. it was because the defined shipping method got removed (blank) for some reason. Edit the listing, and see what shipping it shows. If there isn't at least a "domestic" rate defined then it won't have a shipping option.
    If you find all your listings are that way, the best thing to do is download them, bulk edit in Excel, and reupload.
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