Random Thoughts

Just a few comments about the change to HipStamp, and other random thoughts. First, I love the new site! There has certainly been a learning curve and a few discouraging moments, but Mark et al have been so responsive. He even pointed out that I was "complaining" about something that had already been fixed - he fixed it that fast! Very embarrassing on my part. Also, as I've been reading comments and searching for helpful news or hints on how to do things, it occurred to me that there are an incredible amount of issues that are being addressed - sellers asking about Canadian sales taxes, shipping, listings, et al, wow! I was really amazed at the number and variety. So, now that my simple issues have been addressed, I plan on sitting back and enjoying looking for the stamps I want and love. I still have a couple of ideas for minor changes or features that would be nice to see implemented, if possible, but for now I'm going to let the dust settle and wait to bring them up. I wish everyone good luck with all of your issues.


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