My listings in English on EBAY are showing up on HipStamp in partial Spanish language

Listed a a lot on EBAY yesterday and it sold on HipStamp. Both the PayPal notice of payment and the sold listing showed the title of the item in partial English and Spanish. Anyone else experiencing this?


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  • Yes. Same ..... In January 2022 and now again. Been communicating with HS for 2 weeks for and back, and I am informed from HS, that the problem is solved !!, "The Spanish language replaced with English".

    Unfortunately, the same problem, the issue is not fixed at all.

    Additional +_ 1200 listings from the last 2-3 weeks are not synced from eBay.

    I have given up spending more time, contacting HS support, to fix the issues.
  • It is worth mentioning that a bug in eBayland (in my opinion) causes items re-listed to not be picked up via synchronization, sell similared items virtually always are synchronized 95%ish. One has to ask the HSS folks to do a manual hard synchronization to pick up the missed ones.

    I'm still getting a small number of "spanish" titles coming across the HSS folks fix them when I let them know about them....
  • I'm still getting Spanish titles.
  • Me too, still getting Spanish titles.
    Also, listings from eBay do not sync. on HS +_ 1750, on eBay +_ 3700 listings.

    The same 2 issues are ongoing and repeated.

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    Hi Peter did you notice in my note that RELISTED items will not synchronize here, sell similar will synchronize here virtually always.

    To catch things up if you ask the support folks on Hipstamp to do a manual synchronization that will bring everything across, but to maintain new items listed on ebay showing here, you have to use sell similar instead of relisting.
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