Scott U66 Lemon on "Buff"...Is it Genuine ?

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I have an envelope cut square that is supposedly a Scott U66 Lemon on Buff paper. The paper is much darker than the buff example of 1865 that is shown. With the micrometers I have, the paper thickness is about .0025 while the other envelopes in this series measure .0035-.004.The ink is definitely lemon color and the design is embossed on the paper. While this may very well be a candidate for an expertizing service, does anyone have an opinionon on this item. o8F3E0F983D9F_1_201_a" title="8B1FE7EB-8937-48FB-80F2-8F3E0F983D9F_1_201_a"/>


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  • Can you post an image?
  • Interesting. I would have called this Fawn. But the earliest issue on Fawn is U118.
    Perhaps you have a genuine oddity. Or it's toned, but I've not seen buff paper tone this dark (assuming what I'm seeing is reasonably close to the color of your cut square).

    It looks like vertically laid paper to me as well, is that the case?

    Any chance you can take a photo of this held up to a bright iight?


    This is lemon on buff.
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    I agree that it looks like Fawn color.The photo color is very close to the actual color. I don't believe it is toned. The paper looks a little strange when held to a light. Wove paper ?src="" alt="06AF9113-3B65-4087-ACB0-0E07C177D28F_1_201_a" title="06AF9113-3B65-4087-ACB0-0E07C177D28F_1_201_a"/>
  • What's also fascinating is, I'm rather certain it's not a fake, as the strike from the front leaves the embossed image through the reverse of the paper. Fakes are made using inkjet printers, and don't have the raised embossing.

    Peculiar. I have also looked at a number of other resources, and I don't see an example of the U66 on anything other than Buff.
  • It looks Fawn to me also and I have never seen this color of paper on this series. In the back of my mind I am thinking that there were essays on these and other earlier envelopes but I would have to find my old reference on these somewhere in my archives.
    If you notice the NINE is not centered.
  • That's an interesting possibility Bill. Scott Specialized doesn't list anything for postal stationary essays. It's possible the Postal Stationary Society has some information about this, or perhaps Linn's.
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