Pricing FIrst Day Covers

Hi, I am trying to price some First Day Covers for a friend to sell locally in Zimbabwe. I have noticed that there is a large difference in prices on some First Day Covers that are identical. Please can you give me some advice.


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    The example I'll give is me. I don't buy them, I don't collect them. If I end up with some I sell them cheap to get rid of them. I only bother with them enough to make sure the price I set on them is under everyone else so that they go away. Other people sell them to make money.
  • Bev, Really need more info to even begin to help on this. Some FDCs are wildly valuable, some should be given away. What country, what stamps, what condition, etc? What is your market like? With some folks, that's all they collect, others have no interest in them whatsoever. Just not enough info from your post to really help at all with pricing anything. And even at that, your market will set the pricing to a degree as well.
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    Bev, I imagine, when you say "identical," you mean same stamp, same cachet, same maker, etc, and not simply the same stamp. The reason for wildly varying prices would be that, while there are specialized catalogues for FDC's, probably not many people own one. So, if someone like Don, who doesn't give a whit about FDCs, has one, he will list it at a giveaway price. Someone with a catalogue, who sees that it has a bit of value will price it more in line with the catalogue value. And then, there are those who don't have a catalogue, and don't have a clue about the value, but know that "it's old," and will put an absurdly high price on it, for fear of selling it too cheaply and leaving money on the table.
  • Agree with Ted and Greg. A scan is worth a thousand words. Can you post a scan of said FDC?
  • Thank you for your kind messages, it helped a lot, especially with the difference in pricing. There are 100's of them. Mainly from Rhodesia and Zimbabwe (where we are), with a about 100 from the UK, and a few from other countries. They are all in very good condition - the owner soaked the damaged ones for the stamps. Unfortunately very few from 2004 to 2010 when either Zimbabwe did not issue FDC's or we could not afford to buy them. Where would I get a recent catalogue with prices? The latest Zimbabwe catalogue produced by the Rhodesian Study Circle does not have prices. I have seen a few more on this site of what I need to price and so will price accordingly - except for the ones after 2010 as the prices sold internationally actually differ to those sold locally.
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