I just finished doing some listings, and when I go to my store, I get...

this POS:


Anyone else?


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  • Yes - same thing. Can't get to my orders, either. The only thing that works for me right now is front page & forum. Really getting tired of this!!!!
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    In fact, none of my internal links work (members area, feedback, etc). It seems there's NOTHING but endless fu__ing issues with this site.
    I emailed support, fwiw...
  • Well, I had the same thing, but in the length of time it took me to send an email, it's fixed. looks fine now. you might want to look again, maybe yours is now fixed too.
  • Unfortunately I can't find another suitable site to sell on and I'll be dipped if I'll go back to the 'e' place.
  • Too many bugs but unfortunately there is not another site right now but there might be one soon.
    I do not want to go back to eBay because of the Managed payments crap. I have been with PayPal since 2001 and I will not leave them
  • Yes, mine's back now (after being out for at least several minutes since I caught it...who know how long prior?). Thanks. That 'e' place is still my primary selling site at around 10 there to each one here, and I hold these endless "glitches" here responsible. If you follow the chatter on many message boards, they are loaded with Hip-doubters. I like my store here (when its working properly).
  • I was worried about the 'managed payments' in the beginning, but once I got used to the delayed cycling of payments, turns out, it wasn't an issue at all. My settings dictate that transfers to my checking account happen daily, so cash flow is fine, albeit a few days behind the actual sales.
  • I was on eBay since 1999 and it has been slowly but surely going down the tubes. I don't trust eBay anymore but if the endless glitches keep going on I might have to re-access my position.
  • Weird, my store seems fine.
  • I had the same problem as George about 24 hours ago when trying to visit my store. Gave up and am just now checking again. Everything looks good now.
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