Is This a Genuine Overprint ?? China Famine Refief

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This is a short set (5 0f 8) of the 1921 China Flood Relief Label.. As I understand it.. even though it carries a monitary denomination they were not valid for postage. I have seen them before but never with an overprint.. Any thoughts please on the authenticity of it? Thank You from the Desert


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  • Technically it would be a Japanese overprint, but I highly doubt this is authentic. They look like hand stamps that aren't parallel, so they aren't "overprinted". I also can find nothing like it, and why would Japan overprint in English in an occupied location of China??? It doesn't make sense. The overprint if issued by Japan (or China) would be in Kanji, something more like
    But... stranger things have happened, I just can't find any source for this.
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    ruined a $10 group of fairly nicer previously used stamps. :-) The $5 and $10 are the key values
  • Thank You Scott & Jerry.. I am in agreement with you both.
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    should still be worth $5 to $20 as reference fake material. so collectible in a way. not a common fake. My dad used to have a printing & rubberstamp company prior to computers.. Imagine the trash a criminal could come up with... LOL I used to set the old type off of a hot lead pot for him occasionally. he had a zillion trays of type. You turn the type into Lead and then make it into a rubberstamp with uncured rubber and then cure and mount as a rubber stamp. Fun
  • @Jerry.Burkhart I have listed this at auction in my store Desertstamps. The Start Price is the low end of your estimate of value.. + $2.00 shipping.. a five day run with no relist. If anyone wishes them.
  • looks like someone bought them. fakes are fun too, sometimes! like in this case.
  • Hi Jerry, Please take another look. The Stamps are available at Auction. Four days remain. NO bids yet... $5.99 Start Price.
  • Nice store Dan.
  • Thanks Dan, I placed a bid! :-)
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    keeping in mind that the stamps are actually real and not real common in a partial set (50c is best one), it does add a lot to the value. The overprints are fake fantasy. as opposed to - Fakes with a fake overprint and some even done on a color copy machine (or printer) in my opinion are not any better than a picture in a comic book.
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    This is an interesting pair from Armenia. a common invert of a "most likely-fake" un issued (adopted) stamp.. and yes it sells well if priced described as such. s-l500 (1)
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    being unissued.. hard to say if its fake though i'm sure many will offer their expert advise advice :-)
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    See Fakes Do sell! Just describe them as such if possible.. :-) I bought yours (was pleased to win!) and sold my Armenia two elsewhere. Funny story on those Armenia, I got them 25 years ago in full sheets- i have a few left, very few. I see them selling for $50 each and Up on Ebay and sometimes for less. Armenia has a lot of stamp collecting USA citizens and really few stamps were issued. Because of this some of the serious collectors collect the fakes, overprints and unissued and freeks.
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