Naturally, if something works, IT gets rid of it #$%&##!!!

It sure was easy to do individual listings when the 'floating' "list it now" button was always there, regardless of where you were on the listing page. So, of course, the geniuses got rid of it and now you find it as a rigid button at the bottom of the page. Thanks a lot ! No...really...


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  • Yeah, I only list a quantity of 1 on hipstamp (sell other places) don't want to sell something I don't have. Relisting was so quick, just hit the floating button and it was listed. Now the scroll to the bottom, but give it a few weeks, I'm sure they will come up with something to add a few clicks as well!
  • Press the Page Down, or END key to scroll quickly to the bottom. One of the two will be instantaneous. I don't know which one.
  • True, but the bottom line is that IT have managed to add an extra step to a process that is already somewhat tedious.
  • That's their job, as well as to introduce bugs into the system so that they can keep their jobs by needing to fix what they broke.
  • That is why I call them IT idiots but they are in fact somewhat smart.
    This has been going on with many websites lately and I think they might be teaching this in Junior tech colleges. LoL
  • So I guess what we're saying is good IT people are gainfully unemployed?
  • Maybe the complaining didn't fall on deaf ears for once...the 'floater' is back!
    Thank you.
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