Recent acquisitions

I've just acquired about 3500 Portuguese Colonies and a beautiful collection of France Semi-Postals. Since so many of my customers collect used stamps I am now in the process of listing this material. The France is all complete sets however I am breaking the sets down into individual items to make it easier for you to fill in your blank spaces. If you want the complete set please notify me so I can pull it and give you a discounted price, ( I normally charge an additional .05 after the first item) The Macao will be listed at 30% of catalog, which should attract attention. Good Hunting!


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  • Name of your store would help send people your way, just a thought. wkaj
  • doesn't always work but if go to "stores" the upper left to seller type in his/her name and guess what pops up?? doesn't always work as sometimes may need slightly change 1st name (like steve to stephen) and once in a while might get more one possible store but sure beats giving up. Just a thought
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