PlannedBuyer Feature - Saved Searches/Search Notifications

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As a buyer who is looking for specific material, I find it inconvenient to have to re-enter parameters for multiple searches on a daily basis.

I would like to see an ebay-like feature that would allow me to save searches and receive system notifications of search results on a regular (daily) basis.


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  • We are planning to implement this in the future.

    However, in the interim you can also create a Want List within the Catalog section (from the main area of HipStamp, ie: not the forums) click on "Catalog" in the main header. Search for items you want, and either hover over the item and click "Add to Want List" or click on the Item and then click "Add to Want List". From within the Catalog section, at the top right, you can then filter by items in your Want List, which will display all matching Catalog Items, and you can then click on any Catalog Item to view all of the items available for sale matching that Catalog Item.
  • Going along with the want list is spot , where the sellers can check to see what the buyers want.
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    Not allowing customers to create and maintain saved searches (similar to the old Bid Start or eBay) is a major website design flaw and business model failure. How could you even think of launching Hipstamp without it? Please let me know when Hipstamp adds (actually restores) this essential feature. Until then I'll be shopping elsewhere. BTW - the proposed catalog want list work-around for not having saved searches is rubbish.
  • What I really miss is receiving the daily emails of NEWLY listed items. Any idea when we shall be able to save our searches & receive email notifications on newly listed items?
  • This is near the top of our to-do list, so hopefully within the next month.
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