ImplementedMake a HipStamp API Available

Curious if there is a plan to include the API features, such as using a "COMMAND" field in the bulk uploader to do mass edits or deletes based on private ID fields, or if we can send calls on a chron job and have the system respond, such as taking an item off sale when it sells on my personal website (that's not synched)?


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  • With regards to our Bulk Lister - it supports unique Private IDs by default. So if you list any item with a Private ID through the Bulk Lister, it's considered unique. Which means you can update it as often as you'd like - there's no special command you need to provide.

    An API will likely be made available eventually, but it's not a high priority at the moment.
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    Ok. Thanks. If I sell a bunch on my personal store and I have to bulk "delist", is that something I can do easily by uploading a CSV with the private IDs, or would it be manual?
  • You should be able to do that in bulk through our Bulk Lister by including the Private ID and Quantity. Though I can't recall at the moment if you need to include any other information than that. One of the items we're working on is to create better help documentation for our Bulk Lister.
  • Ah, that might be a decent workaround, although I would prefer the listing not be active. We'll have to see if the
  • (let me complete that thought)
    .. I'll have to see if the zero quantity listing appear and just state out of stock, or if they are filtered out and don't even display.
  • If the quantity is 0 in your Bulk Lister file - we just end the item if it's active.
  • I see the private ID and eBay ID are separate, or at least I think they are. (I was pleased to see the store populated so promptly from eBay.) It would be helpful to be able to extract order information to a CSV or tab delimited flat file compatible with a SQL Server BULK INSERT statement using a properly set up FORMAT file. The work flow would be

    1. Notice of a sale from HipStamp
    2. Run a process to import new orders. (The key is the Private ID)
    3. Insert or import the order into SixBit using either SQL or the SixBit API
    4. Process the order in SixBit.

    For now this would require all listings to be imported through eBay Sync. Bulk loading of listings directly into HipStamp may be an option if the bulk uploader is reasonably similar to the one in BidStart. However, I am not expecting to be able to export from SixBit into HipStamp withoiut having to write some code. For now, eBay will have to be used as the gateway.
  • Did you know you can export sales to CSV already, including your Private ID field? Click "Members Area" and "Selling", then go to the "Reports" menu item in the lower right. Under "Report Type", select "CSV - Sales Summary". The rest is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Umm - probably something I should stay away from? Couldn't handle the shipping page! :)
  • Which one? There are two of them! One for here, and one for bidStart sync! I know there's a reason for that, but it's confusing.
  • Actually there are two - but those two are the same!

    There's Postage Setup, which defines where you want to ship to, and what your zones / groupings are. By default this is just Domestic (your own country) and Everywhere Else. If you removed Everywhere Else you would only ship domestically, and then could add a Zone for "Europe" and add all the European countries you wanted into that zone.

    Then there's Prefilled Fields (Default Values), which is the same as what's on the bidStart Sync page. And that's just your default shipping rates for each Zone, and what's also on each listing / when you edit a listing.

    Compared to bidStart the Postage Setup Locations are basically bidStart's Domestic, 2nd Tier, and International - but they're completely customizable.

    It is a little confusing having two. There's a reason we do, which doesn't really apply when you import from bidStart though. That being instead of setting shipping rates you can also just use a shipping calculator. Though in that case you wouldn't set rates, but still need to set where you ship to.

    If all that's a little confusing - I know! It's super flexible, but I definitely want to make it more intuitive.
  • I guess that would be the way to remove high risk countries, like Italy, right? Also, are US-embargoed countries automatically excluded in terms of where Sellers say the will ship to, or since this is an international-use site, do we have to account for that ourselves? I mean, if someone from Iran logged in... are you stopping that for us?
  • If exporting sales to CSV files is only a manual process, it won't scale very well. Manual processing of "one off" sales may be acceptable in the short term, but a more automated way is needed so that a service can be implemented to check for sales on regular intervals and post the orders into a database. I will have more to say about this later.
  • Speaking of the embargoed countries, is there a way we can avoid the issue with Paypal, as it was done on Bidstart?
  • That's already near the top of my list after another seller mentioned that as well!
  • Thanks Mark. I just downloaded my cvs file from bidstart, 47002 items available. My numbers here are at 46000+ not the same and plenty of closed items in bidstart still show as available here. I do not see a time I can make a clean getaway from the other site with this discrepancies. Over 400 items will be bury in my files and not for sale...
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    Hi Carlos,

    I apologize for any confusion. You can rest assured that it's easy to ensure you have a 100% match to your bidStart store here, including ensuring any sold items do not remain listed here. I sent you, and other sellers, and email with this information earlier today. However, I'll reach out to you again via email to ensure you received it.
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