Buying Stamps

I think we can all agree that a stamp is bought when it is paid for. Not when a price is agreed to. Or when an offer is accepted. So why don’t the giveaways allow me multiple entries on the day that I buy the stamp? Why is this triggered by the price acceptance? It makes no sense and needs to be fixed. I have mentioned this before.


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  • The giveaway is a great idea, but it's broken on many fronts We were doing great giveaways, then stopped when all our "winners" turned out to be from 3rd world countries that provided no "support" of this site or interest in collecting, only in getting our high value ($500+) items. One of our "winners" had a 2 feedback from 2 years earlier, and had bought a total of $3, another had a 9 feedback, and had spent $11, also 2 years earlier. After that happened twice in a row, we stopped. And our sales were not negatively impacted...
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