How the heck do you get a report (preferably in Excel, of all your activity?

My company's year end is July 31. I need to pull my revenue and expenses from my financial consisting and other income sources, including my stamp store. I requested a report of all sales through July 31, and the output was totally unusable. I can't believe that Hipstamp doesn't have this. Am I doing something wrong?


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  • comprende monsieur
  • John you can specify the time period you need on the sales report. You select a starting month and an ending month.

    Once this report is generated as an Excel file, you can make necessary adjustments to make the report meaningful to you. The report lists every single listing sold by individual. The first thing I do is to eliminate all unnecessary columns. I then total the sales and shipping columns. The time consuming portion for me is to eliminate the false shipping charges reflected on this report. I ship all additional stamps purchased in the same order for free, but the report ignores this and lists the same shipping charge with each item included in the order. I have to manually eliminate all the false shipping charges shown in order to arrive at the actual dollar amount I collected for shipping. Once this is done, I do a system count which tells me the number of orders I processed. I further break that down between domestic and foreign sales for my own curiosity. It would be nice if HipStamp only showed one shipping charge per order. They get this right when they invoice the buyer, but apparently the programing doesn't allow this distinction when the sales report is generated. I also do an End of Month sales report to determine the amount of sales taxes collected, but only concentrate on the sales tax column at that time.
  • I have been running my sales for over 20 years by pulling my report from PayPal. I also get my expenses from there since I have been using PayPal for my business since 2001. The main reason I quit eBay because I do not trust them.
    Now the problem is that since your business is ending on 7-31, PayPal will be sending you a 1099 at the end of the year,
  • John....not getting an excel file. getting a complete word dump. corp is a C Corp. I've dealt with this before . Wonder why they would automatically do that?
  • John,

    The feds required Paypal and other payment processors to start issuing 1099s for any business taking in over $20,000 and having over 200 transactions in a year. If I remember correctly that was started abut 15 years ago plus or minus. As of January 1st of 2022 they now must issue a 1099 if you have sales of over $600 of goods or services.

    Here is the link to Paypal page on that.
  • Totally absurd!! Talk about government overreach. Our fees here will go up again as Hipstamp figures out how to address this. I was a CPA in my former life. The IRS never had a good way of tracking whether 1099 income was reported under the old system. So lowering the bar from $20k to $600 is a complete joke, and a massive waste of taxpayer dollars. Ya know, the US financial system is inevitably going to implode, and this won't even matter. Just hope I can get some stamp sales going on a regular basis til that day comes....and it will.

    Sorry for the rant.
  • John... I don't understand why you don't receive an Excel file when you request a Sales Summary Report. Works fine for me.
  • I'll try again John
  • Eureka! Tried to open in the reports page, which was no value. Then noticed an Email saying report was ready. Tapped on that, and voila. Then just had to figure out to convert the Numbers file to Excel. Then deleted all the useless (to me) columns. Totaled the appropriate columns and I've got all the info I need. I haven't analyzed anything yet, but the shipping charges don't look correct. Thanks to all who responded.
  • John,

    You can click on the of reports page after the pending goes away. It shows up ready to open before the email comes in. I refresh the reports page until the "pending" goes away. The total shipping charge is applied to each item sold. If you charge $2 plus offer free for any additional items and the buyer purchased 10 items, you need to delete nine shipping charges for that buyer. It's a pain, but you need to this for each sale made.
  • John and John,

    Again that is why I just download from PayPal since it shows you the total sale and fees that you pay to PayPal.
  • Bill,

    Please advise how you get such a summary report? I don't see that as an option with PayPal.
  • John,

    Click the activity heading on your home page. 3rd column says reports. Under that heading it says all reports and tax documents. (Click under all reports and you should be able to find what you need.)

    As far as in state and check payments all I do is print a copy of the invoice for my records and take it from there. (The payment type is noted on the Hipstamp invoice.)
  • When I click the activity heading I only see individual invoices, but nothing that says reports.
  • Are you clicking on the header that is right next to the header that says home near the top of the page, just under the big blue bar? (Top left of the page)

    This is what you should see

    Transactions Resolution Center Reports Operations

    And under reports, you should be seeing this
    All Reports
    Tax Documents

    Don't scroll down the page to get to notifications, Recent activity. That will show you the individual transactions.
  • My header doesn't have a home.
  • When you sign into PayPal you come to the home page.
    You will see at the top of the page a section that says activity you click on that and it will say transactions.
    You click on that and then you will come to all the activity you had for the last 30 days.
    You will then see a box that says date and you click on the arrow and you will see when you can put in a date range.
    You set what you want to see whether month to month or for a whole year.
    All your transactions will show up and then on the right side of the page it will say download and it will open to the a new page of reports. You then select all transactions in the transaction type and it should default to a csv file and hit create report. They will send you an email when the report is ready and you then can download it.
    You then get a file and there will be duplication which you can delete what you do not want.
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