APEX Turn Around Time

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I currently have 2 item at the APS for their Expertizing Service. The first item has been in their hands for 4 months and the second item for 3 months. Does anyone have long term experience with this process to know if this is a "normal" amount of time. Their guidelines states that the precess takes 2-3 months. Thanks


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  • Well, it does sometimes depend on the "level of difficulty" and possibly where in the world the given expertizer resides. I don't think all APEX expertizers live in the US. And any given item submitted may pass through two or more sets of eyes before a judgement can be rendered (or not). It's always ok to contact them and ask them what the status of your submissions are.
  • I've had a few go for several months before being returned for exactly the reasons Greg mentioned above. If you're going to ask (which I did as well), you might as well wait a few more days until GASS is over as I would think there is only a skeleton crew at APS during the show.
  • For me it has always been two to three months turn-around. All items that I have had examined have been from countries other than the United States. This may have something to do with the longer turn-around.
  • It can take a while for some items. I had a US item that took almost 6 months because they did not know what it was. It does happen at times and that was probably almost 40 years now and I still have not had an answer on the item.
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