EBAY dropping listings that also end up on Hipstamp

This discussion is for those who also sell on EBAY and the listings are also posted on this site. I am in the middle of inspecting a bunch of listings MNH/MH listings of Germany, SAAR and Danzig that I had listed from anywhere from 3-4 years ago until as recent as 6 months ago. Of the over 75 listings I checked to see if still on EBAY, over 30% were found to no longer be listed on Ebay. These were all fixed price listings that turn over every 30 days. They also show up on HS after a few hours after listing on Ebay. My point is that while we have been focused on the issues on this site, possibly something even worse is going on over at the other venue, dropping of listings. So, just putting this out FYI of those who sell in both places and have the Ebay listings show up on HS.


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  • this is highly possible. Lots of glitches over there and noone will officially raise the issues
  • My experience from listing over 6 years. eBay 0 missing from 8,000 listings. HipStamp 300 plus missing. Problem acknowledged by HipStamp but will not spend any time to debug their software and fix it.

    So, highly unlikely. Also, very FEW glitches experienced there and EASILY reported and DO get corrected.
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