Can you top this? Idiocy at its finest!

We were up at our cabin for 10 days, returning yesterday. Early on while there, I received an order, and payment for stamps from countries....GB and Aden. While preparing the order to ship, I find the GB, but not the Aden. Dawned on me that I left my Aden inventory back home in an envelope on my desk. I contacted buyer and offered to cancel vs waiting. He graciously chose to wait.

Just before we came home I received another order (diff buyer), and decided to wait until I got home to ship.

Well.....I sat down this morning to ship both orders, and find I have left my entire inventory (sans Aden) at the cabin.

Good grief....I just contacted both buyers and gave them some options, but I can't ship at the earliest mid next week.

In the meantimes....I closed my store til I get to my inventory.

I know what lead to this bit of dumbness. One of my dogs refused to get in the car for the ride home, even though I had given him some
calming meds our vet had given me. By the time I finally got his butt in, I was so mad, I just got in and headed home. Up until this time, I ALWAYS do a complete walk through the cabin before leaving. Argghhhh!


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  • I'm hoping...praying actually, that someone can top my blunder.
  • How about going to the office, after the end of a busy day, I can't find my car keys...just searching all over........they are sitting on the center console of my truck all day, door unlocked... that is pretty dumb.
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    John and Rene,
    I think I can top that. In 1987 my wife and I were living in Illinois and decided to go to the mall in Rockford (I am a Missouri country boy, so I am lost in any town with a population over 50). When we were finished, I went to get my pick-up (a brand new 1987 that I had purchased two days prior) to pull up to the mall door so the wife would not have to walk in the rain (it had started raining buckets while we were in the mall). After 30 minutes in this torrential down pour looking for my truck (walking up and down ever parking aisle) I came back in the mall (drenched) and informed my wife that our new truck had been stolen. Of course, my wife had been wondering where I was all this time and asked me if I had looked down each aisle and I told her I had twice. As we were walking around looking for mall security or a police officer to fill out a report, we walked down to the other end of the mall when my wife stated "Didn't we come in at this entrance?" When I walked out this entrance there my truck was - right where I had parked it. So, Rene you lost keys - I lost the whole truck. HaHa!
  • Larry,

    Must have been Cherry Valley Mall.
  • Bill,

    That sounds correct.

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