How can I clear my shopping cart?

I have been adding single stamp to my shopping cart which resulted in a few orders that I cannot complete and want to remove.

Can't spend the time to clear every single item (and some of those items have already been sold and are shown as no longer available).

Another issue I encountered is, I was shopping and adding items to the cart, then I wanted to proceed to check out. The system asked me to log in, and after I logged in, all those old obsolete would-be orders showed up, but the one I wanted to place now was gone, nowhere to be found!

Very frustrating to say the least.


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  • Well, your new orders are backed up because of all the orders you did not deal with. You wrote that you don't have time to clear off all your old wish list. Umm. Sorry. Deal with it.
  • Hmmmm.

    A person goes to Sam's Club. Wanders around for a couple hours chunking things into their massive oversized cart. Big screen TVs, a million rolls of toilet paper, a hundred pounds of turnips...maybe that big jug of fake cheeto balls and that case of frozen chicken thighs. Then just continues to wander around without ever going to checkout.

    Then some dude comes along and says...hey! are you going to buy all that stuff? You took the last case of chicken thighs! I'm going to take them out of your basket and go to the checkout and buy them myself.

    That stuff in your shopping cart is not yours until you actually BUY IT!!!!!! Same thing here. DUH!!!!!

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    Under the listing there is "delete" and "save for later".

    Delete removes it.
    Save for later will bring it back for purchase later.
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